Virginmedia customers SAFE licenses.. 1 or 5?


According to both Virginmedia, and my SAFE account, I have 5 installations allowed.  I installed it on two PCs.  And now my main PC, this morning has told me the following issues:


1.  My subscription has expired.  Despite the program showing my subscription expires in 2015, and my SAFE account showing the exact same thing.


So I uninstalled and re-downloaded the Virginmedia Installer and re-installed, and now it tells me:

2.  I've used all my licenses (1). we only get 1 license, despite both F-Secure and VM stating we get 5?

If I'm supposed to have 5.. how do I get round this problem.  I've re-entered the license key when requested, and the program says it's verified it with the server, but then keeps insisting I've used my 1 license already!  I've even rebooted, and still get the same problem - net result is, I have a PC that is online and I now have no virus protection.


I couldn't find anything related in the knowledge base.  Is there a solution, or has anyone else experienced the same issue?


I should also add:

Main PC (windows 7) never had any virginmedia security products installed,it had Symantec Endpoint, which was giving me problems, and why I chose to use F-Secure.  I installed F-Secure on this a month ago, and it has been working fine, until today.

My backup server is Windows XP, and I tried to install my 2nd license on that.  It took about 4 attempts - because it had VM security previously, but it seemed to remove it properly first time.  It just seems to be having this license allocation issue. That one finally got protected this morning, and now it's the main PC that has stopped, which makes me wonder if I do only have 1 license?




  • Ponyday
    Ponyday Posts: 1 New Member

    Can FSecure please create an additional licence on my virgin media account as they did to remedy Nick's issue as I have experienced the same problem. I am unable to use my Tablet due to the message saying FSev=cure safe has expired.

  • [Deleted User]
    [Deleted User] Posts: 0 Former F-Secure Employee

    Hey Ponyday,


    I noticed there has been no response to your question - have you gotten in touch with Support by any other means, or do you still need our help with this?


    // Chrissy

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