Gadget for Internet Security 2012 always shows a ?


With eralier F-Secure Internet Security versions the sidebar gadet on on desktop always showed a green check mark when everthing was ok. Now I have the 2012 version and installed the gadet too. After installing the gadget it shows the green check mark. However after shuting down the PC and restart it always become a grey question mark and it stays this way.


I have seen this effect on all PC's in my household.


Is the gadget not connected to Internet Security any longer (2012 version)?


Windows 7 32 bit respectively 64 bit versions




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    Hello HowTo


    The grey question mark appears for a moment  at start up but should be replace by the green check mark if your computer is protected after few seconds. The gadget should still be fully functionnal on IS2012.


    You can confirm that your computer is effectively protected  by opening the user interface and check the actual status of the software from there.


    If the icone in the gadget is always a grey question mark, you should open a support case so that your problem could be investigated further.


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