Merging Product Keys?

I am wondering if we can merge product keys together if they are for the same product?


I have a 6 month license for F-Secure and I am thinking of purchasing a 1 year license additionally.


I'd like to merge them together to make things simpler and to keep the value of the 1 year license still intact even if I purchased it now while I am using the 6 month license.


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    if you have a running installation with remaining months you can extent that by a new subscription key at any time.

    The new key must at least have the same number of installations and must not be a promotional key.


    A three-installations key will expire all three the same day, even if you only used two or started with one later.



  • I have a beta key for testing F-Secure 2012 (6 months) but would like to extend that by the amount of a single year licence.


    The beta license was used for 1 installation (this one) but the single year license is brand new.

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    Is that key given to you because you participated in Beta-testing or for Beta-testing. The first is a "thank-you"-key that may be extended with the key you bought, the testing key must not be mixed with a retail key.


    Depending on the keys the installation connects to different backend servers and you would not like to run your machine on Beta-software if yu have bought a license.


    Anyway if it does not work, please open a support request provide both keys and post the sr-id here.


    Do not post any keys here!



  • It is the 'thank you' key not the actual beta testing key.


    The alternative is to probably just wait until the end of the 6 month period and just use the 1 year key since it doesn't count down until the first installation right?

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    Then go ahaed and enter the additional 365 days and get 1,5 years.

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