Anti virus update from inside China - Blocked




For the last month i have been unable to update my anti virus from China.. it looks like, for some reason, it is being blocked (cant connect to server etc.)


I can use VPN to update, but i have 6 machines and this is a bit of a pain.


Any others had a problem with this or know a solution?  for example an alternate update server...


  • Simon
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    We had a similar topic posted here the other day:

    Not sure if anyone can answer this, except for F-Secure. Have you tried contacting them via the support channels?
  • T1m
    T1m Posts: 2

    Yeah I contacted support now. They asked me to try download a file for manual update. However I cannot as this is also blocked.

    I even have to use VPN to access this forum!.....

    Looks like I have no options really... Can't imagine why it's blocked.
  • Ukko
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    Sorry for reply... just two suggestions....


    - What about your Internet Provider - can it's be wth any filters/blocks by that side?

    VPN can to fix that.


    Here can be just maybe check around traceroute by command line, but not sure.. that it's not hard to understand - if you not sure.. how it was before.


    - How about something, which can be around malicious on system?

    VPN probably also can to fix that...


    So.. does it mean - maybe you can to try visit any other protection-companies websites?! Time to time malicious software can to use "block/prevent"-features for blocking downloading updates or trying to visit security-proteciton websites by known 'large' companies.


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