F-Secure Mobile Security for Android.

Hello. In advance, sorry for my English. Long used F-Secure Mobile Security for Android to protect my smartphone, but in my opinion there are shortcomings in the application: there is no possibility to check the file or folder. F-Secure Mobile Security checks immediately downloaded files, but does it only after it is installed on the device. There is already such malware ( Oldboot, Android.Simplocker, Dendroid ), which represent a serious threat to any device, and it would be logical that the antivirus to scan all downloaded software, games before they are installed, as it should do any antivirus. The function of antispam: not possible to create a white list or black list, there is no way to add to the black list of rooms that contain letters, for example: Bank, Reklama, Taxi. The absence of such simple features makes the F-Secure Mobile Security is very inconvenient to use. I think that the elimination of these shortcomings will make F-Secure Security for Android more reliable for the protection and convenience. )))


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