F-Secure IS 2012 + Spybot S&D

Hello F-Secure community,


my name is Michael and i come from germany, and this is my first visit here :)

I have a few questions and sorry for my bad english (google translator *g*).


With Spybot S&D there are any conflicts with f-secure Internet Security 2012?

Are there any known problems when I install it?
Or what should I look?


And another problem ...

I use the email client Thunderbird 8.0, and the junk mail can not be removed?
The setting in F-secure but I have switched: remove junk mails after 1 day


Many greets and a nice weekend



  • Jayson
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    Hi Micha74,

    Welcome to F-Secure Community and thank you for your post.

    Kindly refer to this post, the discussions there would help to answer to your concerns.


    Best Regards,

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