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My customer have a SAFE account with a trial license that expired. He has already bought a new SAFE licecense from a reseller. How can he add that license to his account? He only have the option to buy online from F-secure? What are he/we doing wrong?


  • Jaro
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    Thanks for the info

  • Simon
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    Hi @Hailan


    Does this also currently apply to anyone wishing to renew a full SAFE license?  If so, it seems a little convoluted, especially for customers who purchase licenses from resellers.  Is this likely to change in the future?

  • Hailan
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    Hi Simon,



    This currently applies to any existing safe account that is not renewed within that account. So in other words if you don’t purchase the renewal/subscriptions within the safe account then you need to create a new account. As we currently have no way of importing a license within safe.


    As you are more than likely aware Safe is a relatively new way for us to offer our products and we are still currently expanding on its capabilities and functionalities. In the future this should definitely change, however I cannot give you a time frame for this as of yet.




  • Simon
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    Thanks for the clarification, Hailen. As you say, the SAFE product system is relatively new, so the option of renewals won't be arising for most, at the moment.
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