Browsing Protection messes up Firefox toolbars

The F-Secure Browsing Protection plugin in Firefox is too rigid. Normally, I can choose if I want to see big or small icons, with or without text, but the F-Secure plugin does not allow me to change the settings - it always shows big icons with text on its toolbar. I thought I found a solution, by moving the icons to a different toolbar. I created a newtoolbar of my own and moved all safety tools on it. On that toolbar, I can choose small icons without text, and I can organize it as I wish. However, every time I restart Firefox, that toolbar completely disappears, and all the icons with it. After some trials and errors with other plugins, the only way I got it working was by disabling the F-Secure plugin.

So I have only two choices: either I let F-Secure plugin to reserve valuable space by big inocs and accompanied text, or I disable the plugin for good. I cannot see how it would be too much to ask to have some more flexibility, letting me have some more control over my browser appearance. I don't mind if F-Secure wants to keep its icons visible and makes checks for it, but the current behavior doesn't even guarantee that. It just doesn't make sense.


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    the small Arrow next to the F-icon in the bar offers to minimize and it is also placed it to the left of the URL-entry field, so I do not see you point. Maybe you could offer a screenshot.




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    I told that when I move the icon to a new toolbar, F-Secure deletes the whole toolbar, which makes the icon invisible. If the behavior was instead to move the F-Secure icon back to where F-Secure wants ot have it, I would understand your response - well, somehow - but with the current behavior, I cannot understand your attitude.

    Anyway, the other tool (WOT) that also checks if its icon is visible not only makes a check, but enforces the icon to be beside the url. If you fix the immediate problem by enfocing the icon to the same place, these two tools will be in conflict. Besides, I don't want all plugins to place their icons beside the toolbar. I want to be the one who decides which toolbar is the one where I have space for them. If I could change the F-Secure toolbar settings to small icons without text, I would be happy to move all of the other safety plugin icons to the same toolbar. I don't care what the name of the toolbar is, as long as I can control the sapce reservation the way I want to have it. Currently, however, I rather have F-Secure disabled than have it mess up the toolbars. Now of course it is disabled anyway, due to FF5 incompatibility.

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    This is how my FF looks like:

    No text with the icons


    check fron the taskbar icon what Browsing Protection version do you have in place? mine is 1.10 build 5600 and 1039

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    The version I have is 1.10, but as I said, it is now disabled, because I upgraded to FF5. I cannot recall getting an update to the plugin very recently, so I assume that it was version 1.0 that I was trying out in FF4, before Frefox update.

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    download the manual Updater fsdbupdate9.exe it will contain the release candidate for FF5.

    Please report back.

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    It seems this is still not the announced Plugin, although it has build Number 5604

    The FF.Installer still limits to V4.*


    Sorry for the confusion!




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    this was announced today on the corp-beta-update:

    (Hope it is the right one this timeSmiley Wink )


    There's a new Browsing Protection release candidate available

    This release contains improvement in terms of security and Firefox 5 support

    The visible version string is "F-Secure Browsing Protection SW Update 2011-07-07_01"

    The update is distributed through the policy manager which has been configured as specified in the instruction page:

    Manual installation packages for all current release candidates are available as follows:
    on windows:
    for 9-series in

    on linux:
    for 9-series in

    The executables are self-installing on a system with the appropriate F-secure client. These manual installation packages also contain other engines we currently have in a release candidate state, which are due to production later.

    For any feedback regarding the update or the beta program, please send them through [email protected]

    Thanks and Best Regards:
    F-Secure Labs

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    BP works on my side and I can also hide the toolbar without loosing its functionality (in FF5)


    Have a nice weekend!

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    BP 1.10  was released this afternoon. Thank to everyone who took time in testing.


    ChannelUpdate: F-Secure Browsing Protection SW Update 2011-07-12_1


    from "About":

    F-Secure Browsing Protection/SW 1.10 build 5617
    F-Secure Browsing Protection/ES 1.10 build 1039


    This version is for FF 5.*


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    Updated the plugin and then moved some other plugins to the Browsing Protection toolbar. The result is still as bad as it was before:

    1) The F-Secure icons are all big, despite the setting I made (all other icons obey the "small icons" setting).

    2) Although the F-Secure icons appear without text, all other icons show with icon and text when placed on the Browsing Protection Toolbar, despite the setting that should concern all toolbars.


    Oh, I see now one difference to what I had before the update:

    When I create a toolbar of my own, and move the icons to that toolbar (to get rid of the texts associated with the icons), I get almost the same result as beofre; the only difference is that now the F-Secure icon stays big even on the new toolbar. Before the update, it obeyed the setting on a toolbar that I created, and appaered in big size big only when it was placed on F-Secure's Browsing Protection Toolbar.


    So, no improvement - the situationj has only gone worse.

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    I have no icons at all that show different size on that checkmark.

    I'd like to see a screenshot.


    If you do not need the icons just hide the toolbar, that is what I did.

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    I was in a bit of a hurry yesterday when I did the checks, and forgot to check for my main complaint. I am very sorry for that. Today, I checked things more thoroughly, and the result is this:

    First, a minor issue: when I said that F-Secure icons appear without text, I was sloppy. The one icon that was without text is the one icon that always appears without text. It simply doesn't have text associated with it. Other than that one icon, when placed on the Browsing Protection Toolbar all icons, including F-secure icons, show up with both icon and text regardless the setting I choose. Oh, and the thing about big icons: I probably remembered it wrong about what I had previously. The F-Secure plugin's icons only have one size. They don't go small at all. I believe this was true already before the update.

    Finally, the main point: after the update, F-Secure does not delete my new toolbar anymore. That is the most important detail to me, and it suffices for now. I still hope the icons would have a small size as well, but that is minor. Deleting the toolbar I created was a major issue, and now that is resolved.

    Thanks to F-Secure for the quick fix.


    For full closure, I tried to attach pictures too, but got an error message that says my posting is too long. I'll try by posting a separate message or two.

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    No, I cannot post the pic, apparently it's too big. I made it as small as I could by cutting only the portion that I need, but still. I suppose the probblem is that I need both the settings pop-up and a corner of the Firefox window in the same pic.

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    I allways use irfanview to reduce size, colordepth or switch to b/w.


    Anyway, it seems your main problems are solved, and I think that the team will add your request for small icons to one of the next BP updates (which hopefull come BEFORE FF6.0.


    Thanks for you contribution and support to F-Secure.




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    I wanted to show the pics to show you how distrubing it is to have the text with the icons. The text is a bigger problem than the icns size, because the one icon I want to see is the smallest anyway.


    However, even with Irfanview, I still didn't manage to get a pic attached.


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