Getting rid of f secure

Tried this as VM customer gone back to my software of preference using removal tool but account will not close to end of free trial why?


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    You may have to raise a support ticket for them to close the account, but if you don't want to do that, then I think the account will just expire at the end of the trial period. Is it causing any problems as it is?

    Out of curiosity, may I ask why you didn't get on with F-Secure, and what you've moved to?
  • vorlon7vorlon7 Posts: 3

    I used Kaspersky  for years after giving up on norton but thought of F-S if its free its got to be worth a go the origional vm security (trend micro?) was poor with lots of install issues but while FS installed easily it simply caused hassle I am running w7 64 ulitimate and found F-secure was slowing it down gone back to K its noticably less intrusive and runs accross all my pcs and smartphones without any issues. A lot is just what you become accustomed  to and trust I remember Norton from the Dos recovery programmes it started out as but gave up as it seemed to me to get less effective and more bloated and dreadful to remove and reinstall.

    Fs simply does not fit the PCs and useage I have as well as K .

  • SimonSimon Posts: 2,661 Superuser
    Interesting. I found almost exactly the opposite, in that KIS exhibited noticeable slowdowns on my machine, which was, admittedly, Windows XP at the time, but FSIS didn't seem to have such an impact, and web browsing was certainly faster with FSIS. Still, each to their own. :)
  • vorlon7vorlon7 Posts: 3

    Yes its a matter sometimes of what you are happy with browsing I found quicker with K but I use Firefox  similarly some people love chrome but not me. I am on 120 cable so that probable helps as well

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