Blocking ads on the sites.

Hello. Tell me, please, is it possible technically to implement in F-Secure Freedome function block ads on sites? Is it possible to implement this feature in the next versions? In advance, thanks for the reply.


  • Bayani
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    Hi waver1der,


    Thank you for your feedback.


    I will forward your request and check the possibility of implementing such a function in future versions.

  • Paivi
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    It would be technically possible, but ad blocking applications are against Google Play Store rules. You can have a look at the section 4.4 of Google's Developer Distribution Agreement


    That's why the feature is not in our roadmap.


    Best regards,



  • waver1der
    waver1der Posts: 14
    Hello, Paivi
    Thanks for the reply. But I meant blocking ads on web sites. Is it possible without problems with F-Secure Freedome add function: ad blocking, which is in some browsers as an additional plugin.
  • Ukko
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    Sorry for current reply.

    But what about when Advertisements about scam, malicious, tricks things?!

    Google ADs, of course, not really worst variant... but they not able to check and create it with high-quality-level.

    What about situations... except... simply "scam", "strange" advertisements by Google.....

    When during that ADs goes any malicious actions (include already some situations, which happened around Google too) - when they can not to give quarantee of legitimate or safe status of that things....


    Sorry - if I wrong understand you reply.

  • waver1der
    waver1der Posts: 14
    Thank you all for answering my question. At the moment, F-Secure Freedome the best application of this kind. Thank you for Your work and wish You success in further development of the F-Secure Freedome.
  • HessuH
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    Naturally we'll do our best to block malicious actions at a later phase, if a malicious ad is clicked. Advertisements with malicious actions generally load the malicious payload from elsewhere than the advertisement network servers, and our Browsing Protection feature can then block those requests based on the site reputation database information.


    Blocking all advertisements would be a bit too strong measure at this point for this product. And then there are the app store restrictions on functionality.

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