Why didn't f-secure stop cloud AV 2012 from infecting my PC? Will f-secure find and remove it?


  • After running F-Secure scans 6 different times, I can tell all of you this......F-SECURE IS USELESS as far as doing anything to  find, discover, or remove any part of ......AVCLOUD2012..THIS IS A NAYS VIRUS, that is way over F-Secures programmers......Beware if you are running F-SECURE....Its useless..............

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    why you think so?

  • why do I think so? I DON"T THINK............ I NO SO!.......... F-SECURE WAS UP TO DATE AND RUNNING AND IT LET CLOUD AV2012 infect my computer! THATS "why you think so?"............F-SECURE IS "USELESS"..........

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    Hello Frank-o,


    I'm sorry to hear that you are dealing with an infection.


    We'd like to assist you in cleaning up your system.


    Could you please run our rescue CD in order to clean up your PC?


    If you run into any problems, please contact our support via chat, phone or email.


    Best regards,


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    Hi frank-o,

    This appears to be new varients of WinAVPro rogueware, we have added this detection into our database.

    This infection is promoted through hacked sites that use exploits to install this program onto your computer. This rogueware may be bundling the rootkit along with the rogue. This rootkit will terminate any process that scans one of the items it is protecting in the Windows Registry or the file system.

    1. Please try to scan your computer with EasyClean in Safe Mode.

    Tips: Download the EasyClean from other computer or in normal mode first. Do not attempt to start any program once you boot up in Safe mode preventing to trigger the rogueware.


    2. Boot into normal mode after the EasyClean completed, reconfigure the Manual Scanning settings in your F-Secure program then run a "Full computer scan".

    - In F-Secure program, "Setting" > "Computer" > "Manual scanning".

    - Disable "Scan only known file types".

    - Enable "Scan inside compressed files" and "Use advanced heuristics".

    - Action: "Quarantine the files".


    If you are unsure or the steps above failed to disinfect, I would suggest you to contact our support.


    Best Regards,

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    It's not safe to enter directly to porno sites, use Bing to search +18 content sites, it practically doesn't display infected sites(much less than google does)

  • I'm new here, but I ran into the exact same issue you did with this infection.  I was also running an up to date Internet Security 2012 by f-secure (the paid version).  For whatever reason, f-secure is detecting the virus but it can't remove it.  Even when it says it's clean, it doesn't remove it.


    I took evasive action and tried removing it myself.  Safe mode with networking and Malwarebytes did the trick.  I found the instructions on the web here: http://freetechsupport.com/virus-removal/how-to-remove-cloud-av-2012/


    I like f-secue so I'll continue to use it and this is the only time I've had any issues with viruses since using the product.  Hats off to the team at f-secure.

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