Deepguar authorization and VPN service.

I'm using the F-Secure internet security 2014 for few months with Windows 7 OS. Recently, I start to use a vpn service when connecting to the Internet. I found the idea interesting. For what I can understand, It could be used to strengthen my computer security, but now I have a doubt.  At the begining I had to give some authorization for the VPN services on my Deepguard settings. But there are regularly some update to be download, and I have to give new authorization on the Deepguard settings. So I'm a little be afraid to know if I'm weakening my computer security in allowing authorization to the vpn service.

I chat with someone on F-secure about this issue but he/she told me I shouldn't use vpn services. I would have like to be given an altervative but the chat couldn't help. As far as I'm not using it to do illegal activities, I'm still interested in using a vpn service or an alternative. I wonder if some users could give me a feedback. Thanks for any answer.

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  • Simon
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    I have no knowledge of VPN so can't help with that, sorry, but with regards DeepGuard, it will sometimes re-request permission for an app / program which has been updated, so that may not be too much of a concern, as long as the program and update source is trusted.
  • lou_ravi
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    Thank you for your answer. Without good skills in computer to check what can be trusted or not, I guess the issue of the trust will be for me a question of belief or unbelief Smiley Happy.

  • Ukko
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    Sorry... just like addition about "unknown" and DeepGuard.




    Probably current one point not really related with DeepGuard-actions.


    Reputation for application can be "unknown" and not always matter.. how many users can to use it.

    How many users can be enough for "more know" for any service/application (VPN service).


    So... if your DeepGuard prompted during "connection to network" or other "actions" and here will "name of application", which goes to DeepGuard storage (Application Permissions) by Computer Security UI. And if that application have "valid-signed-cert -> maybe you can to transfer current application for F-Secure SAS portal (like submission).

    If without any signed-certs..... it's can be helpful just for one of version. But with "certs" it's also can be helpful just for one version, but maybe F-Secure SAS have different "dreams" about it. :)


    It's mean -> can be reasonable trust-software, which will be asked because "unknown";


    And can be "known" software, which can not be so reasonable trust for user.





  • lou_ravi
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    Thank you for the answer. I have taken note of the alternative way  using the Windows functionnality. However this option requires to set an Ip adress of a server your computer will be connected to. This will be possible for business or admnistration because there will be only one server to be connected with, but for private users, but I wonder if a vpn connexion can be settled the same way? I may simply not have search long enough for that, the vpn I'm using needs a download so I thought all of them will need it also. Its name appears among the first in the list of vpn advertisings and looks more reliable than many of them. So if I had to change I wouldn't know which other one to choose. Would you have a name of vpn which runs whithout a software installation?




  • NikK
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    No, not all require software. And even if they have a software it may not be required to use it.


    I only know services in my country which are non-english unfortunately, but I found this when searching for "vpn without installation":


    "If you choose we do offer you a custom built VPN software which makes connecting to and using the IPVanish VPN service much easier compared to manual setup of network connections. However, you are welcome to use your own VPN connection methods and are not obligated to use our software."


    Now, I don't know this particular service so I'm not recommending it, it was only an example. But I think you should look for a service that has a manual setup as an option to installing a program. Look in FAQ, Support pages etc.

    Start by investigating if your current VPN service perhaps also has a manual option.


    If the VPN service offers manual setup they will provide the server IP or name, so you can set it up manually.

  • NikK
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    I checked out my first 3 VPN ads and all of them offers manual setups: strongvpn, hidemyass, privateinternetaccess

    The tricky thing is that the manual setup isn't always that easy to find, partly because you have to decide what encryption technology to use as they require different manual setups. Comparison here: (in short: try to avoid PPTP)


    PS. Using a VPN service is more of a privacy concern than a security one. It keeps you anonymous. Your ISP can't track what you do. The web sites you visit won't know you are or where you're from (as long as you don't log in anywhere and identify yourself).

    But instead the VPN company will know everything you do, so you better make sure you trust that company.

    And if you do trust it then on the other hand it should be no problem with DeepGuard asking you to allow its software either. The reason DeepGuard asks could in fact be because the software downloads new versions so often, which means each version won't get enough users to be considered a "known" software.

    Also note that DeepGuard will continue to monitor that software even after you've allowed it.

  • lou_ravi
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    Many thanks to you Nikk, you really help me out to clear my thoughts about this issue. I will follow your suggestion and simply try to search for a manual setup for my current vpn. Thank you also for the precise information regarding the names of the vpn services which could be used without software installation..
    Yours Sincerely.
    Lou ravi

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