Bank website shows as Harmful on one PC, not on another

Options (ANZ Internet Banking) is being blocked as harmful on my main PC, but not on my laptop under the same subscription. They both have the same latest version of Internet Security (F-Secure 1.99 build 192; Computer Security 14.99 build 103; Online Safety 2.99.2293). The main PC is running Windows 7, the laptop Win8.1, the browser is Chrome.


Please let me know what is going on. Is it safe to use the banking website on my PC? I am not seeing alerts for any other websites.


The exact message is: 

Harmful web site blocked

This web site has been reported as harmful. 
We recommend that you do not visit this web site.


  • Blackcat
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    This web-site is clean as judged by;


    VirusTotal ; SAS and URL Void


    On your PC, where is the error message coming from? F-Secure or Chrome?

  • Ukko
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    Also.. be sure.. that one of your systems.. without troubles. And it not goes to re-direct or "re-change" by DNS/hosts...

    for something around that:



    Also if you system - OK.

    Maybe just current URL triggered as harmful by mistake from "any other" malicious tries to trick users (like example from virustotal).

    But current one.. not explain.. why other your system without that situation. Just if... your other system have troubles with any features about Online Safety (I mean - not work something or some of features - turned off).

  • Rourke
    Rourke Posts: 4

    It is an F-Secure branded "page replacement" that appears in the Chrome tab. To be clear, it does not happen on the bank's main website, just when I click on the link to the page where I normally log in to internet banking (or choose it from browser history)

  • Rourke
    Rourke Posts: 4

    I've checked and as far as I can tell all settings are identical on the two machines, and a scan found no viruses or trojans. It seems curious that the message would be "this website has been reported as harmful". I'm an IT Professional with 20 years' experience so usually know what to look for. Next step might be a packet sniffer

  • Rourke
    Rourke Posts: 4

    It seems to have sorted itself out today, after about three days of saying it was Harmful. Very odd. Banking Protection banner is working as usual

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