FSSM32.exe constantly eating memory.



I've read lots of discussions of this problem, but never got actual solution to my end.


I'm running Internet Security 2014, (F-Secure 2.06 build 303 on Windows 7) and this "fssm32.exe" is constantly running at 30-50% memory usage. I've tried, for example, to reinstall the client, turn windows firewall off, disable manual/timed checks... But even disabling the whole F-Secure system, fssm32 still runs unless I completely uninstall F-Secure.


What can I do now? My PC is running really slow while F-Secure is installed.


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    Sorry for question - I ask just for "backround".

    How long already you have installed F-Secure? And maybe some points about configuration (processor, memory, system).


    Anyway... I can to recommend:


     - Launch Full Scan system (by Computer Security UI -> Tools -> Full Scan);

     - After that -> Launch Full Scan again.


    It take probably a lot of time - if you have "system with a lot of files". But it will be speedy - if you have default settings for scanning.


    After that - just try to use some days F-Secure.


    Other related things/points:


    FSSM32 -> Scanner... and it work like real-time scanning.
    You can able to check settings by Computer Security. Try to disable real-time scanning - and check.. how will be memory (but here more important - how will be system with your feelings). Just for information. Because current feature - important for protection (after chechking and get information - back current feature back);


    Also here able to re-change settings for manual-scanning (include Full Scan) -> I can to recommend re-check from "default" to "use advanced-technology scan" (third option - which marked as slower) and uncheck - "scan known types of files". And launch Full Scan again. Then you can back to default settings.


    Also be sure.. that here without scheduled-scan with work-status.



    Also... if here anyway... much better slower.. maybe fssm32.exe goes to crash -> check logs by Windows journal or contact support. IF fssm32.exe goes to crash - it can be stuck... and load memory.  But probably here.. just "meeting" like "date" between system and fssm32.exe

    Because any files on system - new, a lot... and potentially launched... F-Secure Scanner should check it.. to allow or deny... Or to protect against malicious files.

    Also you can try to use "trick" - if you have information about "eating memory" -> launch context-manual scan for any one file (any.. which not big large) - and see.. if it will be with changes about.


    Sorry for close to long reply.

    Maybe you can to check some points... or give new background also.

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    Just checking, do you have, or have you had any other security / anti virus software on the machine?
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    Like addition and also just for information:



     - I have experience about F-Secure with various configuration of hardware/systems...

    Here I mean... also something like Intel Pentium III  or AMD Athlon around 1.09 Ghz :) with memory... which can be enough for "launch" supported OS for F-Secure.

    So... that outdate configuration can be work with F-Secure too. Without much troubles, which can be with another protection-software. Indeed.. with outdate hardware can work just some companies (not a lot of). And F-Secure one of them.. which also have modern-layers of protection.

    And here need to understand.. that work with F-Secure good.. but good.. for so outdate hardware. Any "overloads" create a lot of troubles for use it. But here not certainly related with F-Secure, because... with other protection-software (good protection-software) can be same.. or worst.  But slow-troubles can also start by other software, which without optimistaion for outdate systems. Like example -> Chromium-based things.


     - Potentially with any "eating memory" can be next situation: your system work and goes to idle... F-Secure during that start work more active like background-scanning. And it's can be scanning for System Volume Information, where can be files - which without "much scanned-history" already. And which can be large,big, encrypted, packed and etc.

    So... F-Secure need resources for unpack it, scan it and etc.


    You able to come on that moment... and system already not just idle. But F-Secure just take pause - what if you again goes from computer. It's can be stuck with "view" about eating memory. Here can be with "slow"-mode during work with system.... but practically.. can not be often. And it can be fixed.. by any manual-scan-context for any other file by you.


     - Just one... situation can be else... which not related with previous experience-words....


    F-Secure can be work with troubles and created hard-slow-feelings for system-use...

    If hardware have...  troubles around PSU and HDD.... just because.... it can be.


    And any steps like "was with first reply" can not to help with that. Or able to help, but not so visible - how can be.


     - And also.. if you work with system by some kind of "active" around creating some content or files...

    For example, any audio or video... with any software.. which can to use "draft/cache/temp" for your actions.

    All of that... can be with scanning by F-Secure, of course.

    If you able to understand... and if it just common situation not fixed by other steps....     what if current load started just with specific steps in your system.

    Potentially you able to use "exclusions" for ignore some of folders/files for scanning.

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    If the issue still persist, please follow NikKs advice and submit a support case with a diagnostic file.





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