Yeah how about new themes for F-secure 2012 beta?

TahvoTahvo Posts: 44 New Member

Like you could choose collors like green, yellow, red, then there is the basic blue.

It would be nice to have some other themes then just blue

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  • MJ-perCompMJ-perComp Posts: 1,098 Superuser
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    F-Secure has a pretty tight corporate identity, and opening the UI for private changes could result in misuse, if the theme gets to far away.

    But maybe it is a good idea to launch a design contest ;-) and eventually we see the one or the other idea in 2013?!


  • s4us4u Posts: 7

    Very interesting idea indeed

  • JaniashviliJaniashvili Posts: 469

    i guess there should be themes to choose, like theme of 2011, theme of 2010, 2012, and themes of TPs, because TP's themes are much strong, at the same moment it's much more soft looking and solid

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