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This community forum doesn't work. Quite frankly I think it sucks. As a paid user of Freedome, KEY and younited. It's rediculous that this is the kind of support i'm limited too. And you don't even answer your own community. It's not that I don't appreciate the answer or suggestion I might get from another user. But it's you I need or want answers from. It takes too much time, it's too annoying to have to go here to these community forum – and when you rarely answers, well…

How on earth is that support? It would be a different story if this was free apps or services – but it's not.

Please think about starting to take your costumers/users seriously. And I don't think i'm the only one more than frustrated about this community.


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    Perhaps "sucks" is a bit too strong. But…

    At least if they insist on running these communities, then you need real properly product documentation, user manuals and complete reference material etc. for each product.

    And as you said, it's free volunteer work from regular users. I don't have an issue, with them. I just don't wanna spend my time figuring out if the answer is correct. If it's related to same version of the app and a not a old legacy post. Who answers it? How credible is the user (since staff don't answer). 

    Now in my eyes, they lack behind. No user manual or product guides and no staff answers. 
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    I take your point. This forum used to have moderators, who would give F-Secure a nudge if a post required their attention. I don't know if they're still around, as I've not seen them on here for several weeks, if not months.
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    I agree about documentation. For AV-related products the documentation is great but when it comes to Key and Freedome I can't understand that F-Secure can't produce user guides to their customers, especially since they too are(or for Key "can be") paid products Smiley Embarassed


    Why FS doesn't offer support for Key and Freedome I don't know. For Key perhaps because it's a non-paid product if you skip the synchronization feature, so maybe there's a risk of massive support compared to other products?!


    A tip to get latest KB news for all products in Home Security is to set up an RSS feed to:

    (the last post about Freedome for example explains how the Anti-Tracking feature works)


    Regarding moderators, I haven't seen Ania or Chrissy lately but I've noticed that @Ben is now a Community Manager and I think he does a great job and answers a lot of posts.


    I often wonder myself if the community perhaps is understaffed by F-Secure. For example the "Monthly mention" seems to have stopped. The last mention was in February regarding the community activity for January. Now it's June....

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    Like addition to any other words, which already created here and which "all of them" can be good (from both meanings);


    I can just to say:


    "If something not powerful yet; You able to do that most powerful" :)



    About F-Secure Key -> but  which documentation here should be?!

    Key have knowledgebase (but some kind of outdate already with some points) and here often comes developers with answers or response. Developers... and Key team...   which mean - not just support people (which also comes here time to time).


    But anyway... I think.. maybe some kind of FAQ (not just like knowledgebase) maybe will be... when Key start be more stable (here I mean - when all features are finished, which already planned).

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    If you think that this Security Support Forum is poor then you have not visited many of them. Try BitDefender's for example!!!


    I have been a member of various security forums for over 17 years now and believe me this one is one of the better ones. Granted as with all Forums, official support may be lacking at Holiday times and Weekends but overall there is a good response here from both the F-Secure experts and volunteers (Simon and NikK take a bow). 


    Freedome, Key and Younited are all relatively new products and so documentation/user manuals are lacking compared to the mature AV/IS Home/Business products. Give them time and I am sure F-Secure will correct this. 


    IMHO, in the last 6 months here, weekend support by F-Secure CHAT has gone down the plughole but official support here during the week has considerably improved.


    Maybe you can post your concerns over at the new ideas in Features request;

  • [Deleted User]
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    Hi csjDK,


    I'm terribly sorry you feel this way about our community and support offerings.


    Our community is active and we have great power users here, sharing their knowledge and experience and add a ton of value for all users and ourselves too.
    Thanks @NikK , @Simon, @Blackcat@Ukko  and all the others Smiley Happy
    Your contribution here is amazing!
    They often reply before we can (do you ever sleep?). And often, there is little we can add to their answers, as they are spot-on.

    We are monitoring our community every day and try to respond where needed.
    I have to admit, we're missing posts and surely don't manage to reply everywhere, but we are working on improving our processes to improve your experience in the community.

    If you feel any of your questions here remain unanswered, feel free to alert a moderator to your post.

    In addition, we are constantly working on documentation, knowledge base content and interactive material to help you find your answer, anytime, around the clock.

    As to your request for phone/chat/mail support services for Freedome, Key and younited, I'll take this forward to our product managers for consideration.

    All the best,

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    Thank you for the feedback. As the product manager for Freedome, it is very valuable to read your thoughts on this topic. I think this is something we will need to investigate more in the autumn when we will run new customer research and decide on the future feature set and business model for Freedome.


    Thank you also for your active contribution to the community on my behalf.


    All the best,


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