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I use sip on my cell phone, which typically works well through VPN, but not with Freedome. Sometimes it works, but the SIP connection is eventually terminated resulting in missed calls. I assume that SIP is being impacted somehow by the antivirus features in Freedome and nto the VPN itself.


I generally like the service, but this is a show stopper. Is there a workaround?


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    Hello @celilo ,


    I moved your post to the relevant board.


    Could you give us more details on the VOIP app you are using? Do you get any specific error message when the connections get terminated?

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    With regard to the app that I'm using, I've tried csipsimple, zoiper, and sipdroid and had the same result with each of these applications. I'm currently using zoiper. I'm also using as my provider.


    Initial sip registration is successful, but eventually registration is lost. At that point reregistration is not possible unless the sip client is terminated and restarted.


    The timing of the loss of registration is not predictable, but it does not correspond to my registration expires setting, which is 60, or the Stun refresh period, which is 240.  


    STUN is enabled using

    Transport is UDP


    The only feedback/error from the application is the inability for the sip account to register.


    Client is stable without Freedome active.


    I saw this in the documentation for the desktop version of F-Secure:



    Riskware is not strictly speaking malware. Riskware programs perform some useful but potentially dangerous


    Examples of riskware programs are:


    • programs for instant messaging, such as IRC (Internet Relay Chat),
    • programs for transferring files over the Internet from one computer to another
    • Internet phone programs, such as VoIP ( Voice over Internet Protocol),



    Wondering if Freedome also considers VOIP to be riskware and interrupts the network traffic?

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    VOIP is not riskware as such, and we're not generally blocking VOIP/SIP applications or their traffic. If something is intentionally blocked, it fails immediately and completely.


    SIP is allowed on all of our gateway sites, but the NAT session timeouts used on our servers apparently need some further tuning to allow the SIP registration / session stay up longer.


    We'll look into this later this summer and do some testing with the apps ourself. We'll post a reply once we have implemented improvements!

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    Thanks for taking a peek. That makes sense.

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