Unable to install onto mobile - Google does not recognise my details!


AAARrrrrgg!!!  Trying to install F-Secure on my mobile (iphone), however when I select install, its asking me to log in to Google before I can download it.


I do so, but the account that I have with Google isn't connected with my F-Secure account (and vice versa) - I'm being told that I have no devices.  Google doesn't recognise my F-Secure password either!


I'll be damned if I'll purchase another subscription and get another Google account!


Why can't we just put the phone numbers into 'My Safe' and confirm the phone by text?  Why have we got to log on to another service before we can install?


And why do we have to wait for an 'online' conversation!  I gave up after half hour!


I'm stumped!


  • NikK
    NikK Posts: 903 Forum Champion

    What F-Secure product are you trying to install? If it is Mobile Security it won't work because it's not available for iOS (iOS is protected by itself)

    Mobile Security is only for Android. 


    Don't understand why you would need to log in to Google.

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