How do I get rid of a program that won't go away? In particular...AV Protection 2011...

I believe this AV Protection 2011 is malware at least, more perhaps.  It loads and works hard to prevent me from unloading it, or bypassing it.


I believe I got it from Facebook.  No particular link, just Facebook in general.


It loads early in the boot process and makes loading Task Manager  difficult.  It seems smart enough to know it needs to report TM as having an infection, and then close TM down.  It has even reported F-Secure as infected and prevented me from loading it.  This sucker is smart.  Google suggests it is doing no real harm, but it is preventing me from using my system..thus the malware claim.


I loaded a fresh F-Secure yesterday, 11-21-2001, deep scanned and found no reference to AVP during that scan.  I ran it again, no joy.  However, with several reboots yesterday, F-Secure did find a reference to AVP and dealt with it.  I do not know if it quarantined or deleted it.


It seems to have the ability to hide the whole Programs section from my Control Panel.  At this moment, AVP is not showing on my PC, and I have the Programs section in my CP, do not see AVP but I fully expect it to is lurking.


Win 7

Firefox 3.6.x


I need help.



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