uninstall F-Secure free online scanner?

It may be because of the ruckus from the new GameOver Zeus malware, but while I have downloaded the F-SecureOnlineScanne-HC, I cannot get it to run.


It opens and asks me to agree to terms, but either just "initializes" forever (like for five minutes) without any progress whatsoever, or eventually pops up and claims there is no internet connection (which is untrue).


I have all programs closed -- AVAST anti-virus disabled -- and security levels set to medium on IE11.  Anyway, do not want to play with it anymore, but since I don't need it, do I just right click on the application and hit delete, or is there a more official way to remove it from my computer?


BTW, have googled this question, searched the F-Secure support docs as well as ran a search in forum posts, but  while I find plenty of information on uninstalling/getting rid of other products, nothing about the online scanner.


As I am far from being any sort of computer person, I always am reluctant to perform actions that could have unexpected <negative> results



  • Simon
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    Yes, I don't believe the online scanner actually installs anything, hence the name, so it would just be a question of deleting the icon from your desktop.

    With regards the app not running, I agree with Ukko, in that on the face of it, it sounds like there is a firewall of some description blocking the Internet connection for the app.
  • Trish1
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    Hi people, OP again!


    Thanks much to both of you for the advice.  I just "right-clicked" it away Smiley Happy


    I don't know what firewall would block it, I just have the "usual" Windows firewall. My free edition of Malwarebytes, plays fine with that firewall, my free, resident AVAST anti-virus has no issues (and as it is the free edition, no firewall) and I occassionally run Panda's "cloud" malware scanner as well as bitdefender's online scanner with no issues whatsoever.


    But, I was able to confirm that Malwarebytes will detect the GameOver Zeus malware, and since I ran that yesterday and everything came up clean, I don't think I need to hassle with the F-Secure, as that was the only reason I tried to use F-Secure anyway.


    Thanks again. I still think that since this hit the news last night -- and the Feds are recommending F-Secure as one of the ways to be safe, that maybe "an overload" situation might be responsible for the failure of the product.

  • NikK
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    I've actually tested this before because I don't allow all outbound connections by default(as a standard windows firewall configuration does) and it does sound exactly like it's a firewall problem:

    http://community.f-secure.com/t5/Security/F-Secure-online-scanner-Internet/m-p/46473/highlight/true#M8537  (with screenshots)


    Known issues and limitations for Online Scanner: http://community.f-secure.com/t5/Security-for-PC/Known-issues-and-limitations-for/ta-p/42639


    I also tested to see the temp files it creates, and all of them but one where deleted automatically when I closed Online Scanner. Temp file was here: C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Temp

  • Ukko
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    Trish1,  I created a private letter for you.


    NikK, basically... it's can be - if F-Secure Online Scanner with troubles around launch/start - some temporary files can be stuck on folder/system. But probably it's not about current situation. Also potentially.. certainly executable-file about up-to-date version can be on temp-folder after "end of scan" - for speedy launch - next one. But most part of that - not certainly about current one version - if it's already with big changes. And my experience.

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