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My computer is using F-Secure and is connected in a network. There are 5 computers in that network. My computer can see the public files in 4 of then. In only one it is not allowed. When I turn the F-Secure firewall off, I can see the files. That computer uses Avast as an Antivirus and is running with Windows 7. How can I manage this?


  • MJ-perComp
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    What F-Secure product are you using?

    What OSes are the workstations?

    What OS is the workstation you can not access?


    On which computer do you need to turn of the FW to get access?



  • neves
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    I'm using the F-Secure Internet Security 2011 in my notebook. It is working with Windows 7 Home Premium.


    The workstation works with Windows Vista Home Basic or Windows  7 Home Premium. I can access both types. Except for my computer, all others have installed the Avast antivirus.


    The workstation I can not access works with Windows 7 Home Premium. To have access to this computer, I need to turn off the Firewall in my computer (in the configuration menu, option firewall activate).


    Thank you for your support.



  • neves
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    Ok. Now is working.


    Thank you.

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