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I've been using Avast! Mobile Security in my android so far. Now I installed Freedome. These two apps don't have exactly the same features, but is there any harm/benefit using two similar type of sec and privacy apps at the same time? Is there any risk/benefit if I delete the other security app from my android..?

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    Hi Fuser,


    I am not very familiar with Avast product, but as far as I know, the product that you are talking about is an antivirus, antitheft, etc while Freedome is a VPN software.


    Freedome stablishes a VPN encripted connection between your smartphone and our servers. This way your internet traffic is completely secured and encripted. This is a list of its features.


    - Turn on VPN to stop people from spying on you when you're connected – it gives you an encrypted, completely private connection.
    - Set your virtual location to a different country than where you are. Currently, you can connect to VPN servers in the US, UK, Germany, Finland and Sweden.
    - Use tracking protection to stop advertisers from gathering data on you.
    - Block harmful sites and applications.
    - Unlimited bandwidth. No ads. No logs.

    Having said that, I see no harm in having both. Freedome will secure internet connection on your smartphone, but will not perform any checks on your smartphone itself, so it won't analyze your SD card, nor your USB tranfers etc etc.

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