extension or renewal subscription with reduced price

I have a 3-PC subscription (Windows 7)  on internet-security and can renew it:for a reduced price.

- question 1: During the renewal process I see that can extend my 3-PC subscription to a 6-PC subscription. Does the reduced price holds for all 6 PCs?

- question 2: Can I extend my 3-PC subscription on a later date to e.g.. a 4-PC or 6-PC subscription? If so, does the price I have to pay equals to the renewal price (so a reduced price) and does the subscription for all PCs ends on the same date?

Regards, Hansvw



  • Simon
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    I don't think that's something we can answer here without knowing the terms of the discount offer.  Where are you getting the reduced price from?

  • Hansvw
    Hansvw Posts: 4

    I was referring to the usual discount F-secure gives when you start the process of renewing the subscripion.

  • Simon
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    OK, sorry, I wasn't aware that they did that. I think it's probably best that someone from F-Secure answers the question about the discounts, but with regards adding devices to a licence, usually, you can add up to the maximum number of devices per license at any time during the period of the subscription, but adding a device at a later date will not extend the subscription for that device.

    So, if you have a year's subscription which starts in, say, June, and you add another device in December, that 'new' device will still only be licensed till the following June.
  • EmilL
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    Hello Hansvw!


    1. If you order a renewal of Internet security for 3 computers and activate it on one of these where Internet security will expire soon. Then you are going to add the new time for 3 computers. You dont extend the amount of computers. Basically you will get the new year/years + the days left on the old subsciption for 3 computers. Not for 6.


    2. No, you cant extend the active key. You can however order a new 1/3 computer key. So you do get F-secure for 4/6 computers. But it will not be the same key. It will be two.


    If you are planing to extend the license key for more amout of computers. Then I would recommend F-secure safe.



    With Safe, You can now order F-secure for 3 computers. If you later on want to exent your order. Then you can do it.

    With safe you still get Internet security if you install it on a windows computer. You can read more about it on the link I sent.







  • Hansvw
    Hansvw Posts: 4

    Emil, thanks for your answer.


    On topic 1, when I go to my subscriptions and selects that I want to renew, I receive a window with several possibilities. When I select (Internet security) for 3PCs for 3 years, I receive a new window.

    In this new window I see the costs for the product: renewal of the subscription for 3 PCs for 3 years with a unit price mentioned.

    There is a box next to the unit price mentioning "amount". When I select 2, the window mentiones that I selected two products "renewal of the subscription for 3 PCs for 3 years with a unit price".


    What does this mean?


  • Hansvw
    Hansvw Posts: 4

    explanation of my previous reply:


    What does this mean:


    a: a subscription can be chosen for 3 PCs for a period of 6 years?

    b: a subscription can be chosen for 6 PCs for a period of 3 years?





  • Simon
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    I don't think F-Secure offer either 6 year licenses, or single licenses for 6 machines on the retail versions.


    You can license 6 machines for 3 years each, by purchasing 2 licenses, each being 3 years for 3 machines, or I guess you could license 3 machines for 6 years by purchasing 2 licenses and adding them both to the same 3 machines, but I'm not sure why anyone would want to do that.


    Perhaps we could be of more help if you explain what exactly you want to do?

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