Already using current FIS product; can I download Beta ?


Hi again :)


I've currently a 2 years subscription to F-Secure Internet Security 2014.


I've seen that there is a new beta version available on the F-Secure Website for Internet Security.


Can I download it and install it ? What will happen to my current subscription ?


  • Simon
    Simon Posts: 2,667 Superuser

    Yes, you can certainly apply for beta testing:



    You will get a 6 month licence for the beta product, which can be used on up to 3 machines, and if you remain active through the beta testing, they usually renew the license.


    With regards your current 2 year licence, that will still continue to run up to it current expiry date.  It won't get put 'on hold' because you're using a beta product, but it can be switched to another machine, or it will simply recommence if you decide to go back to the retail product at any time, so keep a note of your subscription key, unless you're using SAFE, in which case you can just reinstall it via the SAFE portal. 

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