Using freedome VPN Slows down 4G / wifi cable internet speed dramatically

Speeds without freedome activated 4G DNA: 70mbps+ and DNA welho 200m cable shared to ipad by wifi: 120mbps+

With VPN on in Finland location, 4G and wifi are below 16mbps. Using USA location from Finland speeds are under 2mbps.

Whats up ? Why the speeds are so slow? Does Nebula have their VPN servers in India or do they have speed limits?

This is Kinda deal breaker..

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  • PaiviPaivi Posts: 80
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    Sorry to hear about the bad performance.


    Available download bandwidth (and especially latency) depend on many things,such as your access network, our VPN gateway, the network between these, used measurement method and many others. It's impossible to give definitive answer what would be the cause in your case. There'll always be some impact, but it really shouldn't cut your speed to 1/10th or anything like that. In general customers have been very happy with the speed we are able to provide.

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