Freedome not stopping phishing testpage? [Solved]

Hi all,


I've recently started using Freedome VPN mainly for it's privacy features and I'm quite happy with it.


However, when I tested the Browsing Protection (as per the embedded "See it in action" function), I was able to visit which loaded without incident, suggesting that the Anti-Phishing feature was either disabled or not working.


Obviously I tested this with Browsing protection set to enabled.

This happens both in Android's native browser and in Chrome.


The Virus Protection test did work and Freedome blocked the testfile from being downloaded.


It is worth noting Freedome is also tallying blocked tracking attempts, suggesting that also seems to be working.


Specs are as follows:


HTC One, Android 4.4.2, HTC Sense 5.5, WebKit/534.30

Freedome version is 1.0.19




Edit: Issue has been resolved:


- Rebooted the device again (Freedome was already set to start on startup)

- Closed all tabs in Webkit

- Cleared browser cache

- Set Browsing Protection to Disabled, then back to Enabled.

- Reconnected to WiFi


I can only hazard a guess that there are rare instances where Freedome feels it is fully enabled while Android might have a slight hitch in it's WiFi connectivity. If I find out more or manage to replicate it, will report back!







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