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What ports needs to be opened and where from home network firewall to allow freedome usage.

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  • HessuHHessuH Posts: 24
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    On iOS we use the IPSEC VPN standard. The respective ports are:


    UDP 500 - ISAKMP

    UDP 4500 - ESP UDP encapsulation



  • JaysonJayson Posts: 595

    Hi MGrefberg,


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    Could you please tell us more details about your issue? Generally, no specific network configurations require to use F-Secure Freedome as long as your device has an active Internet connection.




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  • MGrefbergMGrefberg Posts: 2

    I have installed Freedome to my iphone, it works fine at work and open WLAN networks but in my home network that is secured little more, example from lan only HTTP, HTTPS, IMAP4S, are opened,

    Now my iphone cant connect to internet at all from my home WLAN. Using only 3G/4G network connections is possible. So I´m assuming this does not use SSL VPN connection like most of VPN tunnels i have used.

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