Questions about Online Saftey and AV vs IS versions of F-secure


I'm wondering if it's necessary to run the online saftey extention in my browser for things like deepguard exploit prevention and website scanning to work.  I'm not concerned with the banking saftey or website reputation.  If that's all the browser extention does, than I'd rather disable it.


I'm also wondering about the differences between the AV and IS versions of F-secure.  If both products are using the windows firewall, and both products have deepguard, then what are the major differences between the two.  I'm asking because the AV seems to have all of the features that I want, deepguard etc., but without the browser extention, which I can't seem to uninstall from firefox.  Does the Internet Security product line contain additional protection features beyond the web reputation etc?




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    without words - F-Secure AV-part (and like all features here - DeepGuard/etc.) should be work nice and greatest.....if you don't use Online Safety (one of protection-layer). If you not need features by Online Safety - it's not always critical, but your protection can be without some layers, which time to time can be helpful. So, F-Secure AV related with your situation.

    Except part of web-based troubles (which DeepGuard should be connected with /Online Safety/)  /EDITED/







    DeepGuard and protection about downloaded files not related with Online Safety extensions - and here it can be optionally. And like other parts of "AV"-version, which can be work without Online Safety (and some other points).


    Certainly Online Safety extensions need for normally work around HTTPS-pages (if about search engines - for showing rating-pictures;  if about protection - for normally blocked HTTPS-page; etc.) and for F-Secure Search (like toolbar/extension).

    But also Online Safety have features without "plugins"-needed, but some kind of related with that. It's mean probably should be all OK without "extension", but sometimes can be "different".


    And it's mean - F-Secure AV can be more related with your dreams. And here "ALL OK" with protection for your computer, but.....



    About different between F-Secure AV and F-Secure IS (without new things; all points, which aleady you wrote);


    On webpages about that programs (official website F-Secure and pages about F-Secure IS, for example)... have any tables with "descriptions" - where different and etc. Maybe it's can be helpful.


    But... in my words it's will be with next points (also all that features or meanings are optionally for user):


     - F-Secure IS and Online Safety here (which don't have in F-Secure AV) give a new layers for protection.

    Which time to time... can be "critical"-step for your protection.

    But if you carry and worry about using web - probably it's already not so critical, but anyway;


     - In common means - you will be without "rating for webpages" in Google/Bing/Yahoo (if you don't need that - it's not give any bonuses, but it's can be helpful time to time); For that situation you can use F-Secure AV and F-Secure Search (portal), for example. Will be "same" thing, but not in all meanings.


    Because... optionally not just "showing" rating-pictures - here also have feature for "automatically" prevent entering for malicious/harmful/suspicious website/webpage;

    Without Online Safety (part of "IS") - you will be without that layer of protection.


    It's mean - if webpage - harmful - you can visit that page and F-Secure AV not prevent that.

    But during any malicious actions.....  drive-by/exploits/other on website or "download" malicious file from that source.....  F-Secure IS (AV-part) should to prevent that (by DeepGuard, by traditional protection-technologies). Here should be also features for that, which can be dropped for F-Secure AV - but not sure in that.


    It's can be enough...... but maybe good, when it's happened with "firsts of steps" - not just already about "last steps".


    Here, for my opinion, Online Safety (F-Secure IS) give some kind of "helpful" bonuses". And it's should be not related with "plugins/addons". But indeed.... not check it more - what if it's wrong. :)


     - Banking Protection, Parental Control (which can be like content blocker) and Time-limit for using network;


    Time to time it's can be helpful. If you don't need that - probably it's not critical things. But it's can to give some great layers for protections... but - you can to do that with another steps too.

    And if you need a Parental Control in various points - here have good and nice realization for rule that.



    So, I mean.. that names of modules in F-Secure some kind of "nice";


    F-Secure AV - related with "Computer Security";

    F-Secure IS - have "Computer Security" and "Online Safety";


    It's mean "Online Safety" need for situatios, when you have to use web with worry about anything. And Online Safety should to give "worry-free" (should do that, but not always can to do that) in your browsing and related points.

    And that... also like "nice" layers for prevent any malicious-things.... before step.... when it's comes to your system, where just Computer Security work.



    In current means for any protection-software-companies:  cloud/reputation/behavior-protection most important and most "modern";

    It's not really like that - but it's indeed "not bad" and have great potential for "so nice". But - for that "so nice"-status should be a lot of works..... for protection-software-companies.

    Web-reputation also some kind of "layer", which prevent a lot of "troubles" for user's system. But it's still not "most powerful"-part.




    Sorry for answer.

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    Sorry... also I missed your words about Windows Firewall.


    Yes, both (AV and IS) using Windows Firewall. But here different:


     AV - use that.. because it's default feature for platform.


     IS - use that... because it's nice and "enough" default feature, but also F-Secure IS give some "layers/points" around Windows Firewall.

    It's related with web-traffic scanning-feature... and some other points around default firewall, which create that thing more "powerfull" in "advanced"-means.


    But anyway.... F-Secure AV can be addition for any other firewalls (not default) or for default Windows Firewall, but here you should understand.. that it's will be without some of features. Which also time to time can be helpful.

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    Looking at the price difference between the two and your preferences, save your money and go with the standalone AV, this will give you good enough protection.


    Looking at the differences between the two programs, it incorrectly states that DeepGuard protection is missing from the Antivirus;


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    The differences list is also confusing regarding "Cloud-based, real-time protection against all online threats"

    In AV you do get cloud protection with DeepGuard, but not the integrated cloud based detection with Windows Firewall (for generating automatic firewall rulesets)



    PS. I'm a paranoid user so even IS is not enough for me. I have other software as well plus I control all outbound firewall connections. Why anyone would want to use only AV is beyond me. Perhaps if it's for a machine that acts like a server and that nobody logs into manually to browse the web etc. Just my opinion. 

  • Ukko
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    Probably.... you have nice situation - because... price between AV and IS not so big.

    And here.. for my opinion... not bad.. if you choose IS.


    And about my words.... it's totally like that.

    But not about part with Windows Firewall. Here a little be differnet and about that was my second reply. Here can be important for you.

    But in common means.... with Internet Security it's not related.

    Here will be related.. that any "malicious"-steps will be blocked during any steps for your system (not when.. it's just potentially can to goes in your system);



    I also have experience with next setting, but never to try check DeepGuard in that situation :)


    You able to go Windows Control Panel - and start Uninstall F-Secure;

    Here will be prompt about "Do you want remove all programs or just part?" - Here you able to choose "part" and remove "Online Safety" :)


    It's strange actions.. but will be with radical-steps for your dreams. Not really recommend, but have experience with that (and with next suggestion);



    But you able remove extensions manually....

    Firstly - Disable features about Rating (and etc.) in Online Safety UI settings.

    Here very helpful interface... probably you will see.. what need to do and how.


    Secondly - goes to browser.. and "Turn off" extension. In some browsers (or tool) it's able to remove totally.


    About Safe Search... should be instructions about in "Help".

    But it's also common-steps.



    Probably that better, than totally uninstalled Online Safety-part.

    And can be with your "dreams" about protection. Just it's mean - disabled feature, which you don't want use in Online Safety.

    And turn off/remove extensions manually.


    Potentially.. it's can to give any troubles for "stable-work", but not sure :) I already have experience about some months... using F-Secure like that. :) In same reasons...  not love any extensions or some modern points in protection-software.

    But... "that" layers can be helpful time to time.. for any users.


    About web-based troubles.. DeepGuard should be protected that... if it's not some kind of "totally web-based" or other.

    DeepGuard have a little be connected with Online Safety, but for checking that... you should to meet something so bad and so "fresh" :) If you carry with web - all OK.


    Just computer and DeepGuard should be work.


    /Sorry for bad English/ :)

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    ^ That fixed everything, thank you.  I'm happy to use the IS version without Online Safety.

  • Blackcat
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    "Why anyone would want to use only AV is beyond me"


    I was only recommending the standalone AV compared to the IS suite and not as the one and only way to stop malware. With the money you can save over the IS, you can build up a very strong layered system. Just relying on black listing is not a good idea.


    After all, AVs have now had their day;

  • NikK
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    Blackcat, I wrote that for the thread starter Smiley Wink


    Regarding the link you posted, here's some more:




    And as I read somewhere, don't forget that the most important layer is YOU!

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