Locking up in NYC?

Hey everyone, I know this isn't quite the focus F-Secure has, but I'd like to hear your thoughts.


After moving to New York (city) and having a bad experience of a break-in in the first few months that my family and I were living here, I've become quite security-conscious. In my hometown up north, paranoia wasn't really a thing – I knew everyone, and the area was wealthy and decent enough that the local people didn't have to resort to crime.


Here in New York, unfortunately, we're in a slightly “sketchy” neighborhood, because that's what we can afford at the moment. I have a good job, but the wife is taking it slow in getting work – she's taking care of our two daughters, helping them adapt (and adapting herself) to life in the big city, and so on. We'll probably be here for a few years at least, which is fine, because the neighborhood is predicted to improve, but it's not *quite* at the level where I can have peace of mind.


So I wanted to ask the community here for some advice. We've always been financially responsible, so we have a reserve of cash saved up, and we had some money saved for home improvement before we moved here. Now I'm thinking of using that money to hire a proper locksmith, install new locks on the doors and windows, and maybe get a safe.


Since I don't have experience with this sort of stuff, I thought maybe asking people who knew much more about it would be a good idea. After a quick Google Search, I found a place called Precision Lock and Safe, run by two Jewish brothers. They have apparently been active at the Safe and Vault Technicians Convention, giving classes/lesson, etc. But what are some questions I should ask when talking to them, or any other locksmith? What are the best kinds of locks for home protection? (The kind we have now are really pretty bad – I mean, we got new ones after the break-in, but as a temporary, “holdover” measure)


About the safe – I need something to store documents that have financial, legal, and sentimental value, so I should probably opt for a fireproof safe, no? Would it be better to install a wall safe?


Certainly there are probably answers to most of my questions on the internet, but you know... Everybody's got their own interests, and by everybody I mean most websites. I figured a forum might be cleaner of self-interest. Any and all advice will be appreciated. Thanks!


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    Hi @Jan1 ,


    F-Secure is digital security company and this community is dedicated to digital security and F-Secure products.


    Therefore you might want to try your chance on more relevant forums for your home and physical life security related questions.


    If you need help to secure your devices, or experience difficulties on that subject, we are of course very happy to help. 


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