Fredome in Hotell Belarus, Minks, Belarus


I did visit Belarus during first of May time at the Hotell Belarus.


Connecting did take long time to come on, sometimes over 10 minutes. The connection did come on and then off.

When connection was working, it was working fine. I could even see TV.


Can you see what was the problem? 

Maybe somebody did try to spy the connection?

I do not think anyone else did have Freedome at that Hotel


In Finland and Estonia Freedome is working fine with my IPad mini.


Thank you




  • Bayani
    Bayani Posts: 58 Enthusiast

    Hi JLaurila,


    Was there any kind of error message during the time before connection was established? For how long did the connection work until it was disconnected again?

  • JLaurila
    JLaurila Posts: 4



    There was no message.


    It might stay on for about 5 second to maybe 1-3 minutes.

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