I am Japanese but using English OS

I'm planing to purchase F-Secure Internet Security, but wondering if I'd better to purchase Japanese Edition of that.
I'm from Japan and, so it's easier to use Japanese edition of F-Secure because it's in Japanese and easy to purchase. But I'm using Windows 8.1 English OS. Is it supported to use Japanese F-Secure in English OS? Is there something special in Japanese one than in English one?


  • Kei
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    I'm sorry about my bad English.
  • Kei
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    Hello Ben,


    Thank you for your help.


    So you mean that F-Secure doesn't have country specific products but one product in which I can choose any language avilable?

  • Ville
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    Hello Kei,


    Internet Security restricts the selectable languages based on the OS language. If you have English as Windows language, then you can not select Japanese for F-Secure installation. This is due to limitations of displaying Japanese characters in non-unicode applications (which we still unfortunately have a few in the product).


    You need to have Japanese as Windows language to be able to select Japanese for F-Secure installation. It does not matter where the product is purchased from.



    (F-Secure R&D)



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  • Kei
    Kei Posts: 4
    Hello Ville,

    I already installed F-Secure and there was no problem selecting Japanese language.
    I have both English and Japanese as Windows language and I am using some application using Japanese unicode character.

    But thank you for your advice!

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