FSIS 2014 TP 2.11 build 326 - after about 2 hours, the network seams not to answer \\server\share

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have tried this for some days, and have to reboot up to 3 times a day.

The network services like shared folder from server dont answer, ny colleges work fine.

After restart, everything works fine, and after about 2 hours, some network services again, seams that the forewall blocks somehow ?

The Firefow /IE seems to work, but werry slow ?


The application that hangs is Outlook 2010, - "Windows Explorer on \\server\share " Nilex.exe (network app) - Remote Desktop"

 - these application is the first to hang.



Have run a F-Secure Support Tool, where can i upload this ? (not open forum)


Windows 8 Enterprise.

On Domain

F-Secure Launch pad 2.11 build 326

CCF CUIF 10.02 build 771
CCF DAAS2 1.10 build 369
CCF Guts2 2.00 build 375
CCF Upstream 2.01 build 667
CCF Diagnostics 8.01 build 622
CCF Scanning 1.45 build 123.238
CCF Network 1.02 build 136
CCF Reputation 2.0 build 1335




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    You will need to create a Support Ticket in order to upload your FSDIAG to the support guys.

  • Nmouse
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    It is af TP ? not a RTM version ?


    Where do i do that ?



  • Urmas
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    Are you still having this problem with the latest FS Protection TP? If yes, please create a bug report about this at the beta portal. For some reason the case was not followed up (I'm sorry about that) and now it is not possible to continue investigating this using the original bug report because the old ISTP beta program was terminated.


    Best Regards, Urmas


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