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I know this isn't a specific F-Secure question, but is anyone using the new MBAM Premium alongside FS, and if so, have you had any issues with it?


I have it on both my Windows 7 machine and my Windows 8.1 laptop, and I'm having trouble getting it to auto update.  It seems to work at the scheduled time, if set, say, hourly, but it refuses to update on Windows startup, which is ideally when I want it to do it.  I have posted on the MWB forums, but didn't really get anywhere - all they could suggest was a clean reinstall, which I did, and to delay protection start up in order for the internet connection to be certain to have started, for the update to take place.  Neither solutions have worked.  I never had this trouble with the old MWB, and am disappointed that the new version seems to have such issues.

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    Well, I'm already using 2.0.2 and it hasn't fixed any of the bugs I've mentioned, as yet, so I'm not holding out much hope.

    I've now set my auto updates to real time 15 minute intervals, so will see how that goes. I don't know why they had to integrate updates into the scheduler, as I would have thought these better kept separate, as, presumably, with the old version.


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    Same here. I even tested scheduling both "on reboot" and hourly. And "on reboot" never works.


    I can't remember them right now but I've seen some other minor bugs as well in 2.0.  (

    The only thing I remember was that they weren't bad enough for me to take the time and report them. I'll leave that to others.

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    I haven't tested with Delay Protection at startup, but the help suggest you might need to experiment with the number of seconds:


    There may be times when the startup of system services used by Malwarebytes Anti-Malware conflicts with services required by other applications at boot time. When this is the case, check this box. You will need to experiment with the specific delay setting necessary to compensate for the conflict. When required, this must be done on a case-by-case basis. The delay setting is adjustable from 15-180 seconds, in increments of 15 seconds.

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    Hi Nik,

    The 'Delay protection at startup' doesn't work at all for me. No matter what delay I set, from 15 seconds to 180 seconds, the tray icon always appears immediately on bootup, so I assume that means protection has started. Another bug?

    The other one I noticed is that the notification flags when the product does decide to auto update, don't appear. These are apparently still being worked on.

    I'm actually using the beta 2.0.2 at the moment, as recommended by a forum user, but none of the issues have been addressed.

    I have to admit, I'm pretty miffed that they've released a new product with seemingly so many bugs. As a paid for product, it should have been tested more fully before being released to the public, in my opinion.
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    No, notifications don't work.


    I assume the tray icon should show immediately, but with a different icon if protection is not started. You can test this with right-clicking it and deselect Malware protection and see what it looks like.


    In History - Application logs, you can see when the protection is stopped and started. That might help in troubleshooting.


    I have full control of my outbound firewall connections, so I'll try to investigate if and when the product searches for updates after reboot. I'll give you an update tomorrow.

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    Thanks Nik. The only time I've seen the icon change is when the product hasn't updated, and you get the orange triangle in the corner, but I'll check next time I'm on the PC.
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    This new version has been a mess.


    In the words of the main developer, Marcin Kleczynski;


    "We did some things very wrong, big glitches with some of the UI, and so on. We're working on it. 2.0.2 will be released ~May 12th and will fix 30 bugs with scanning, rootkits, logging, and much more"


    My advice would be to stick with the old version 1.75 at the present time; at least it is stable.

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    Thanks for the info Blackcat. Here's my report:


    MBAM doesn't create ANY outbound conncections after reboot. Not even if protection is delayed 180 seconds.

    The protection is actually delayed 180 seconds but it just doesn't show in the tray icon. Right-clicking the tray icon within 3 minutes will show no checks for protection. But it's not related at all wich checking for updates.


    I've set realtime 3 minutes updates only for testing, and yes, it actually checks for updates every 3 minutes. So you're on the right track there Simon Smiley Wink 

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    Curiouer and curiouser...  I've just started up my laptop, with updates scheduled in realtime at 15 minute intervals, and this is my protection log:


    Protection, 07/05/2014 16:30:24, SYSTEM, ***-LAPTOP, Protection, Malware Protection, Starting,
    Protection, 07/05/2014 16:30:24, SYSTEM, ***-LAPTOP, Protection, Malware Protection, Started,
    Protection, 07/05/2014 16:30:24, SYSTEM, ***-LAPTOP, Protection, Malicious Website Protection, Starting,
    Protection, 07/05/2014 16:30:25, SYSTEM, ***-LAPTOP, Protection, Malicious Website Protection, Started,
    Update, 07/05/2014 16:35:52, SYSTEM, ***-LAPTOP, Scheduler, Malware Database, 2014.5.4.8, 2014.5.7.5,
    Protection, 07/05/2014 16:35:53, SYSTEM, ***-LAPTOP, Protection, Refresh, Starting,
    Protection, 07/05/2014 16:35:53, SYSTEM, ***-LAPTOP, Protection, Malicious Website Protection, Stopping,
    Protection, 07/05/2014 16:35:53, SYSTEM, ***-LAPTOP, Protection, Malicious Website Protection, Stopped,
    Protection, 07/05/2014 16:35:56, SYSTEM, ***-LAPTOP, Protection, Refresh, Success,
    Protection, 07/05/2014 16:35:56, SYSTEM, ***-LAPTOP, Protection, Malicious Website Protection, Starting,
    Protection, 07/05/2014 16:35:56, SYSTEM, ***-LAPTOP, Protection, Malicious Website Protection, Started,



    So, it seems, in this instance, the update was triggered 5 minutes after system start.

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    Great, your problem is solved :)


    It's not strange since they have this information in the schedule windows:


    Note: all scheduled updates occur +/- 15 minutes of the scheduled time

  • SimonSimon Posts: 2,561
    Yes, I have noticed that. So, it seems this is a workable workaround until they sort out updates on reboot. I won't hold my breath... Smiley Very Happy
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