Latest Firefox version and Online Safety : browsing slow-downs ?



I would like to know if you experience slow browsing and/or slow Firefox opening with latest Firefox version (29) and F-Secure Online Safety plugin/function enabled.


I've reinstalled Windows, and after installing F-Secure Online Safety add-in, I noticied that firefox took about 6-10 seconds to start (I have a SSD drive). Restarting the PC after reinstalling the add-in has helped a lot, now it seems that Firefox loads normally.


I have also noticied that sometimes during a navigation session, some websites take a lot of time to be displayed (as if Online Safety was slow to analyze the page before displaying it). It was tested on two different connections (2 Mbps and 30 Mbps).


It seems that after reinstalling the browser, then F-Secure and enabling again the plugin then rebooting has helped. But I would like to know if some of you experience the same thing. Is F-Secure Online Safety completely compatible with Firefox latest release ?


Thanks !




  • Ukko
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    Just also my experience and a little "kind of" answer about some part of your question.

    Online Safety plugins/addons can be reason for "slow" start in first launch of browser (after installation F-Secure or plugins);


    But about current version of Firefox (I not really often use that browser - but have some experience with some of latest version and with current last one) - probably it just "so slowly".


    In my experience without any plugins/addons - new Firefox loading/launching so slow and so "hard"......

    Time between "launch" and "visible screen of browser" - so... close to around six or more seconds. And it's also related, of course, with any web-traffic scanners/execution-analysis and etc. But it's just addition to "slow"-start - not first reason.


    Probably current behavior not just my experience. Simply.. Firefox start be with "slow"-start.


    But... you can to create ticket for Support Team  - if you indeed feel that F-Secure Online Safety create more "slow-speed" in work.

    In my experience - it's not take more than two seconds (a lot); But - during any troubles with network connection can be some strange-situations. It's can not be always. And it's for any browsers.

  • What's wrong with my addon when it doens't work at all with Firefox 29? Firefox Addon Management says that Online Safety addon is not compatible with Firefox 29 so i'm unable to use it at all.

    How I can get it working again?

  • Ukko
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    I checked it with my current device now. Online Safety features not work in new Firefox on my device too (but some part of them - probably work);


    What about your situation?


     - Can you check - work it with another browsers (for me work in another browsers)?

     - Which version of F-Secure? 

    What if will try to use feature about "reinstall" plugins/addons/extensions in Online Safety settings (F-Secure UI);

    For me that steps... nothing to change, but if it's another situation - maybe can to help.


    So, new Firefox and installed extension here not worked in part about "show rating" and some other needful features.

    But.. my default browsers and Online Safety works nice.


    Do you have same situation?

  • NikK
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    My Firefox 29.0 is compatible with Online Safety 2.107.2548 (IS 2014 release 3)


    Another thread suggests editing C:\Program Files\F-Secure\apps\OnlineSafety\browser\deploy\fs_firefox_https\install.rdf and shorten the Homepage URL.

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    If you have Firefox v29.x installed and getting Online Safety extension incompatible message. Seems that this incompatibility issue is attributed to the maximum compatible version number assigned to the add-on, and not actually technical incompatibilities. Your Firefox might have the strict version numbering setting enabled. By default, the value of this property is false meaning that the compatibility checking will not be performed against the max version.


    For further reference:


    To disable strict add-on compatibility in Firefox, users need to enter about:config into the address bar and look for the key extensions.strictCompatibility. If the state is true which means that strict add-on compatibility is enabled. Double-click on the entry to change the setting to False, then restart Firefox.


    Best Regards,

  • TheBugChaser
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    Hi !


    In fact I think slow browsing sensation is not caused by F-Secure Online Safety Extension.


    However, and now that's sure, Online Safety causes Firefox to boot slower.


    I've disabled Online Safety extension. See my firefox "health report" :




    The two last dots are with F-Secure Online Safety disabled.


    Do you notice the same thing ?


    I only have LastPass and AdBlock Plus installed. When I disable both nothing changes. When I disable Online Safety, Firefox boots immediately.


    I've already tried to reinstall Online Safety Extension, without success.

  • BigPete
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    I don't have a browsing slow down, but I can confirm that Online Safety is not working after the Firefox 29 update. In my case, Firefox said that Online Safety version 2.107.2548 was enabled and compatible. Yet, it did not stop me from visiting the test website. Also, the website rating check-marks were gone. I checked the strict compatibility settings, but that wasn't the problem. In the about:config menu, it was already set to "false." I changed to Firefox's ESR 24.5.0, and now online safety works as it should. Also, I'm running XP SP3. I wonder if the problem is specific to XP. When I upgraded to Firefox 29 on my Windows 7&8 machines, online safety kept working as it should.
  • [Deleted User]
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    Hello Big Pete,


    There are currently issues with Firefox 29.0.1 on Windows XP SP3. It should be limited to that OS.

    Online Safety(OLS) and Banking protection in certain cases aren't properly working as you reported.

    Our teams are working on the issue and we will come back to you as soon as possible.


    For the time being using another web browser is advised.


  • TheBugChaser
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    Ben, do you have feedbacks regarding slow Firefox 29.0.1 boot time with Online Safety Enabled ?


    Right now I've disabled Online Safety extension and Firefox is starting just fine.

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