My computer will not open internet or documents, nor will it delete items, do i need cleanup


I have allowed others ( family) to use my computer while I'm away, the result is that I have a unusable, slow computer, that will not open any thing . I have some important documents that I need to retrieve, incase I have to trash it or clean it, can you help?


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    Just to understand it boots but will not open the files or copy those to an external drive?


    One option is to use e.g. Linux to boot from CD e.g. Ubuntu and get the files like that to a external drive.


    Second option would be to take the drive out and use it as external drive.


    Just get one adapter like that and you should get all the data off if the drive is OK

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    Hi dc-curt,

    Please provide more details to advise further:

    1. Any error message when documents/files failed to open?
    2. Is it web browser failed to open or network shown disconnected?
    3. Which OS version you have?


    Best Regards,

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