Great program to supplement F-Secure products




A few days ago I came across a very useful program to add to your layered computer security and I would like to share it with you.


It's called Process Blocker and the paid version is only $10 (allowing whitelists).


I'm not the creator of the software and I don't know if I can post about it here, but I think it's very useful !


It's a very simple, flexible and effective program blocker. For example, you can block all .exe on %USERPROFILE% folder, in %APPDATA%, or every double-extension file (e.g. : Bill.pdf.exe). This way, it's becoming very difficult for a virus to infect your computer as a lot of them copy their files to temporary folders.


But if you try it, do it with EXTREME CAUTION. Blocking the wrong file or using the wrong wildcards car cause the system to crash immediately after clicking on Apply (although it's possible to reboot in safe mode to undo the changes).


 Feel free to contact the developper, he'll get back to you very quickly.

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