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My problem is that I have to constantly allow the same programs to access the internet even though I check the "Don't ask me about this program again" box every time. I think I had to give Google Chrome access 7-8 times just in order for me open up my browser and create this topic.


Is there some way I can say "I don't ever want to be asked about this program again"?


  • Simon
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    DeepGuard may ask if you want to allow a program access if the program has updated, but as far as I know, it should only ask once in most instances, if you tick the box.

    I would initially suggest going to Computer Security > DeepGuard and checking if Chrome is in the allowed programs list. If it is, or is listed several times, remove it, and next time you start Chrome, it should ask again, and hopefully your decision will stick if you tick the box.

    Just another thought, in Online Safety, have you set any restrictions on content, etc?
  • Ukko
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    But which F-Secure program you have on system?


    Probably - or I not understand current "prompt" - or current versions of F-Secure IS or AV... don't have that (?);


    Anyway - probably alerts about Google Chrome was about Google Updates? It's can be a lot of alerts - because Google Update using a lot of processes, executable-files and etc.

     Or it's just "example"? How many other software need to allow?

  • Laksen
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    When I go to "about.." it posts the following: 


    YouSee Sikkerhedspakke 9.15 build 124

    F-Secure Anti-Virus 9.20 build 16080
    F-Secure Automatic Update Agent 8.25 build 4095
    F-Secure User Interface 9.10 build 8424
    F-Secure Management Agent 8.10 build 30095
    F-Secure E-mail filtering 1.02 build 7480
    F-Secure Network connections 6.24 build 124
    F-Secure Email Scanner 6.00 build 466
    F-Secure DeepGuard 2.21 build 114
    F-Secure Online Help 2.00 build 1470
    F-Secure Sidebar Gadget 1.00 build 192
    F-Secure Service News 1.00 build 140
    F-Secure Browsing Protection/SW 1.10 build 5869
    F-Secure Browsing Protection/ES 1.10 build 1039


    I hope that's enough information about my version.


    Well it is mostly google, but also all my games, so I'd like to find a general solution to it. I'd guess 5-9 softwares would be enough to make to problem manageable.

  • Laksen
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    Google is only listed once in deepguard and the setting was "allow".

  • Ukko
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    I already created one private letter for you, but also:


     Here should be "whitelist/blacklist"; If it's not optionally in UI:

    Probably about games (if it's not really a lot) and other software... here require some kind of "sample submission" for F-Secure SAS with your description about "when it's happened" (during launch or during work) and "information about version" (which your added here already); It's can be "unknown" executable file (or with unknown reputation, or not famous file) - and just alert each launch - because can not be "start" known withour manual-steps in current situation;


    Or all other - which was in pm.

  • EmilL
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    F-Secure DeepGuard 2.21 is an older version of Deepguard. Please check with YouSee if they have a newer installation link. So you can download the newest F-secure YouSee version.





  • Ville
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    Hi Laksen,


    9.15 version has a separate Application Control module that controls network connections. DeepGuard does not directly monitor them. 9.15 version has a bug where the last decision is not remembered properly if the application has changed. You can work around this by going to Application Control list of applications and removing the application from the list. Next time it will ask about it once more and remember after that (until the application is updated again...).



    (F-Secure R&D)



    F-Secure R&D, Desktop products

  • NikK
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    @Laksen  I first came to this forum because I just like you had an ISP version of F-Secure that I wasn't satisfied with. After finally switching from ISP version to F-Secure directly I got a one year newer version!! and all my problems was solved. So if you want my advice: cancel your ISP product "Sikkerhedspakke" and get the latest version directly from F-Secure instead. I've written some more about it here:



    ISP's uses older versions of F-Secure, in my case a 1 year old version, and they can remove functions too Smiley Sad. If you get the product directly from F-Secure you'll always get the latest version and all functions, and you probably also have a better chance in getting help here at the forum as I assume most people have the latest version.

    Example: You have Deepguard 2.21 and I have the latest version 5.0

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