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Hi! I have recently installed F-Secure mobile on my mobile phone, Samsung IG 9000 S with Android 2.2.

After installation the child protection is active and I´m defined as a child and I can only change this by entering a password which I don´t have. It is also not possible to deinstall F-secure without entering this to me unknown password.

This prevents me in my use because it prevents me from accessing many to me harmless internet sites. What can I do?


Kind regards,

Birger Gustafsson


  • Frisjo
    Frisjo Posts: 47 Enthusiast

    The password is entered by you during the installation, So if you have any  password that you use to have please try that.


    If you cant get it open please open a support ticket on mail or by phone so they can provide help to reset this password

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