First update after reboot always fails - Anti-Virus for Mac

After rebooting my Mac when I manually check for updates, the update always fails with an error message to check my connection and try again. However if I check again immediatley afterwards the update and subsequent updates work ok.

I am currently testing the product on a 30-day trial.

I am running OS X Mavericks (10.9.2) and the version of Anti-Virus is Version 1.0.282 (13406).







  • Bayani
    Bayani Posts: 58 Enthusiast

    Hi evfrson,


    Does the issue occur directly after reboot? If so, you could try to wait for a while as the computer might take time to detect the internet connection.


    Even if F-Secure is not able to download virus definitions right away after reboot, it will download them automatically later on. If not, the software will notify you that definitions are old.

  • evfrson
    evfrson Posts: 9

    The issue occurs directly after reboot and if I wait a while after reboot, maybe 5 minutes.

    Also I opened browser to make sure I could connect to the internet and then checked for updates and it still failed.

    However if I check for updates again straight away it always works ok.


  • Bayani
    Bayani Posts: 58 Enthusiast

    Strange, hard to tell what's wrong. Can you try to reinstall F-Secure and see if it works better?

  • evfrson
    evfrson Posts: 9

    I tried to uninstall and reinstall but the uninstall tool failed with the error number 1009.

    I used to get this error on the older version of Anti-Virus for Mac.

    I can't believe this still hasn't been fixed.

    I am beginning to think that F-Secure testing process isn't that good.

    I've given up now and trying a product from another vendor.

  • Frisjo
    Frisjo Posts: 47 Enthusiast

    Hello evfrson. 


    Sorry for the late reply. 


    If you in the future deside to try F-secure again and the same issue would be present for you i would suggest that you open a support ticket here so this can be investigated. 




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