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I facing an issue everytime I switch my Laptop on I have a F-secure windows displayed saying

"virus could not be removed" and I would like this windows not to appear again

could you please help me to sort this problem out  


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    Hi @dhalimatou ,


    I moved your message to a more relevant board.

    It seems you are having an  infection on your machine.


    To get rid of it and of the error message at the same time,  please followthe removing instruction on this page.

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    Maybe also can be helpful information version of F-Secure program (IS / AV or business-solution / version of that);


    Probably your "autorun-settings" have any malicious/suspicious/harmful keys (which related with any troubles in system like if payload by adware);


    Anyway - you able to do next steps (steps related with Internet Security / AV ) :


     - Open the control panel of F-Secure (Launch Pad / trigger) - Computer Security;

     - Here choose "Settings" or go to "Tools - Change scan-settings";


     - Here must be able feature/option/place about "History of Spyware/Viruses" or "Removal history";

    It's must be in settings-part about "Real-time scanning" or "Manual-scanning" settings;


    That "History of Spyware/Viruses" should be with list "about any actions like deleted/detected/quarantined";

    Probably you can to look.. if there can be something, which can to related with your trouble;



    F-Secure can not to remove/clean something... if that will be on:


    -  Archives (specific zip-archives or encrypted);

    - Encrypted files or something "broken files";

    - Startup-registry or services;

    - Something like toolbars/BHO/addons/plugins.


    Anyway - also maybe you need to create a ticket for F-Secure Support/Care;

    But for first - try to check "history of spyware/viruses" (removal history) and "quarantine";

    That information can be helpful.. for any other "addition"-steps;

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