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I have Perental Controls enabled on the family Samsung Galaxy Tab (Teenager). This seems to stop YouTube working, either from the YouTube App or from a browser. 


How can we get access to YouTube? There doesn't seem to be any way of adding sites to a white list on the Mobile version of F-Secure.




  • NikK
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    A quick look in the User Guide says you can define age groups, content types and App control restrictions. So first make sure that's configured properly. 

  • Gremlin
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    Yes tried those things. Currently we are setup as a Teenager, which seems to block YouTube. Although you can select content type, you don't seem to be able to run YouTube unless you ublock all content type e.g. violence, drugs etc.


    There dosesn't seem to be anyway of creating a white list.

  • NikK
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    Hopefully someone else knows more and can help out here, but my thoughts are:


    The only thing that would make sense with having to allow all content types is that you actually can search for all those content types on YouTube, the same way you can search for anything on search engines like Google for example. So maybe you need to allow all content types because you probably can find all kinds of "bad" stuff there. This would make sense if Parental Control is unable to determine the content type of each video on YouTube. The content types are probably defined per web site only. I mean it either blocks or allows a web site, and that's it! There's no in between solution. I'm only speculating here but I'm afraid I might be right Smiley Sad


    As a comparison: is it possible to block/allow content types for Google searches? Like it's ok to search for drugs but not violence?


    I couldn't find a whitelist either when looking at the user guide. The only thing I can think of is to test and block one content type at a time and hopefully that way find out exactly which are required.

  • Ukko
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    But are you sure... that trouble about Parental Controls?

  - for example, that video also not able to watch by your device?


    Probably... if it's blocked by Parental Control (or other part of Mobile Security) will be alert/info-page about that. If just "youtube" doesn't work..... maybe some kind of another troubles?


    Or you mean.. that you already have experience about "turn off" Parental Control and all OK? And just with "Teen"-category it's doesn't work (but work with Child/Adult.... maybe you can to check)?


    It's not related..... but whitelist must be just about "applications" - but I not sure.. that it's can be reason for youtube (except any technologies, which required for "playing" video by web).

    Anyway - In my experience was without troubles between Parental Controls / F-Secure Mobile Security / some youtube-videos.... with "default" settings some times ago;

    Can not to check it right now - because did not use any android-devices already.

  • Frisjo
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    Hello Gremlin. 


    Sorry for the late reply in this topic, We cant say for shure what caused this issue for you whit Youtube and cant really investigate as it now works for you and is reinstalled. If this or any other issue appears feel free to contact us here or via our support form.  




  • balby
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    The built-in parental control on Samsung Galaxy doesn't work flexiably sometimes, Mobile Spy works well as the best parental control software on Android phones.

  • maggie2003

    How do blocked my 10 yr old from watching youtube



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