I can not get Mac Anti-Virus to Uninstall please help!

I have tried the regular installer several times and it fails and I want to try the ISTP program and participate in that. I then just ran the support about five minutes ago and I colllected all the good or bad informaton and please someone else take a look at it and let me know what I am doing wrong. I made another post about my failed manual uninstall. I can not find that. I guess the post was that. Please help anyone in that I really would like to be in the ISTP program for Macs. Thank you guys so much in advance :).



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  • I am very sorry guys. I can not attach the  FS Support tool diagnostic file which I forgot so here are verbose files which I hope you can forgive me for posting and some screenshots.


  • Thank you so much NikK I gave you one kudos because that is all I can give you but I want to say Thank you so very much for that help. When the built in uninstaller kept failing and I turned to the boards your commandline advice when typed exactly did the trick :). A really nice line of verbose CLI uninstalled. I have installed the  Macintosh Safe Anywhere ISTP successfully and I have already found some bugs to report on. Would not have worked without the community and you guys Thanks,



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