XP - FSecure overwrites XP folder permission - sets to read only


Scanned knowledge base etc.

Running XP and F Secure 2014 (Virgin customer)

Have gone into security and excluded the folder I do not want F-secure to scan.

In Windows Explorer, under properties, change foder from 'Read only', apply changes to all sub folders, get out,

return and 'mysteriously' folder is re-set to Read Only.


All I want to do is set one particular known safe application, to accees files and folders in a one parent folderand to run this application as a restricted (non admin)user.




  • Simon
    Simon Posts: 2,667 Superuser
    Can you be certain that FS is resetting the folder attributes, or could it be Windows itself? I assume you're making the changes as Admin?
  • rob-bob
    rob-bob Posts: 13

    It is being done as Admin.


    There is no other process that is accessing that folder.

    The scenario is :

    WinExplore, Properties, un-shade Read only, Apply, it then goes through all the files, exit Explorer, excute Explorer, check attributes and Read only is applied again. - All in the space of a minute!

  • rob-bob
    rob-bob Posts: 13



    I think you are correct on this! Many thanks and apologies to F Secure.


    Now just have to battle through attrib and cacls  - I have just managed to make the entire drive inacessible to all admin users!

    Many thanks

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