Offline installer

i want offline installer so i can install F-Secure 2012 Antivirus.



  • FrisjoFrisjo Posts: 55

    Why cant you use the network installer?

    Get any error messages when you try installation?

  • Hey i need offline installer too because when i installed new window i need to install f-secure as soon as possible w/o using internet killing possibilities of please take action...
  • MGMG Posts: 9

    Dear F-Secure Support Team,


    All users dont have a good speed internet so in this reason we need offline installer if you want your product more famous , so please make offline installer and share link and put on your website so the user can easily download and install easily. in this way user can try easily if its good product people will buy more and you will earn more.



  • FrisjoFrisjo Posts: 55

    Yes slow connections could be a problem, On the other hand if we check the system requriments it says "High speed internet connection" This is needed for the uppdates and so on to work propperly. 


    Here you can also find some more reasons why a network installer is preferrd.



  • MGMG Posts: 9

    dear i need offline installer its helpful for end user all other security brand have offline installer only you dont have. too many people they are looking offline installer you can update 2011 to 2012 it will be more helpful.

    Thnaks a lot to help your exixting and new  customers.

  • SiltanenSiltanen Posts: 108

    Hello MG,


    Currently we are not planning on making an offline installer for Internet Security 2012.


    You can read more about the network installer from our website at:



  • I haven't tried installing it offline. I am always making sure that I am connection to the Internet at high-speed.

  • +1 to the requests for an offline installer. Some of us are in the middle of the nowhere, without broadband. Even in supposedly developed western nations this is a problem. Are you really saying that you don't want these people as customers? Or I have I misunderstood.Robot Embarassed

  • How comes any Internet Security Product or Antivirus without offline installer.... Its really surprising....


    Yahoo Messenger is totally working with internet... & even Yahoo Messengers's offline installer is available... But F-Secure... its really surprising...


    Dear F-Secure team, make sure availability of offline installer, coz every user dont have internet.. & also make sure offline updates by Flash driver or any other source like 2011...

  • Heyyyyyyyyyy Guys...



    Tell me where i can find offline F-Secure 2012 Internet Security installer?

    I need it urgently for my clients....

  • MGMG Posts: 9

    Dear F-Secure Team,


    Please solve the problem for offline installer for antivirus 2012. if u cant internet security, please make it for antivirus 2012.

  • That's right. Not every user has a fast Internet connection speed to work on online installation. I am also having the same problem. Any update?




    Business is the game!!image

  • FrisjoFrisjo Posts: 55

    @tripodzid wrote:

    That's right. Not every user has a fast Internet connection speed to work on online installation. I am also having the same problem. Any update?




    Business is the game!!image


    if you check the system requriments it says "High speed internet connection"


    Common ...............



    Putting high requirements don’t mean every user have it.... & internet is the thing which is not available for everyone... common be practical man...


    make sure availability of offline installer… this is big problem… some time customer say... “Give us internet subscription also free with it…” What the hell…………….


    Take it serious if you want to cover market….and business….



  • Wht daaaaaaaaaa...................................


    No reply yet..............?

  • No reply :-( 


    Can some help me out for getting offline installer.....


    Help me plz help me...

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    Please help me F-Secure team.................

  • MJ-perCompMJ-perComp Posts: 1,098



    what is your problem?

    There is no offline installer but F-Secure has registered an other person complaining about it.


    Anything else we can help you with?





  • We need offline installer.... Is this big deal for F-Secure team???
  • KaKa_SpiKaKa_Spi Posts: 19

    f-sECURE team Wake up....

  • KaKa_SpiKaKa_Spi Posts: 19

    Every antivirus have offline installer & very easy to install.. only F-Secure is the most difficult antivirus in market. What the hell.... wrong with F-Secure team..

  • StephanStephan Posts: 351

    Hello KaKa_Spi,


    Thank you for your messages.


    We have heard your request.


    However, an offline installer will not be available.


    The network installer has lots of advantages over offline installers by ensuring you always get the latest components and version when installing the software.

    It also only installs what is needed.


    This was differnet in earlier versions. Therefore download volume and hard disc usage has dropped since introducing the network installer.


    Again, an offline installer will not be available.


    Thank you for your understanding.


    Best regards,


  • I think MSE have the same installation process where you need to be connected online before it can be completed. A bit annoying, but you still have to abide if you want to use it.image

  • carliviucarliviu Posts: 1

    I bought FIS 2012, electronic license, and after first install I had a problem with my windows. I had to reinstall windows and after that I can't reinstall F-Secure, it keep saying me thatall  my subscriptions are allready taken, and I have to clear one. So, I didn't manage to make it work (this is one reason for an offline version). After a week, I gave up and I bought an Eset solution, because nobody answer me after contacting support. I am not coming back to F-Secure, a just telling you this to make you see why an offline version is needed.

  • FrisjoFrisjo Posts: 55

    This has nothing to do really whit id its an offline installer or an network installer, You would get the same message whit an offline installer. This is fixed by the customer calling F-secure or sending a mail saying his key and it will then be reseted in a couple of minutes and ready for use again.


    But again this has nothing to do whit if its an offline installer or a network installer.

  • venomaxusvenomaxus Posts: 1

    Hello everyone, this is me from Indonesia.


    At the very first time it's very difficult for me to believe that there's no offline installer for F-secure, because here in south east asia, the speed, quality and availability of internet connection is not as good as in UK or US or even East Asia. If you take same policy as another AV product that provide offline installer, I bet your product are become popular here just like A**, K*******, E***, A****, and others... at least you give them chance to try your product without any internet connection (and if you provide offline update just like A**. Note: now I'm using A**) and then they'll know the ability of your product (then, they'll buy the full product). Exceptionally if you don't consider a half billion human population of south east asia as potential market.... :)

  • KaKa_SpiKaKa_Spi Posts: 19
    Agree with you buddy... But F-Secure team is not understanding...
  • MGMG Posts: 9

    Yes Dear all other people understand this is big problem for end users. But only F-Secure team still thinking about offline installer. Because they are going advanced technology. which asian countries dont have that much facilites in their countries. F-Secure people think all countries same like europe. But in fact its not like that. F-Secure Team. try to solve this problem for end users.



  • KaKa_SpiKaKa_Spi Posts: 19
    hmmmmmmm .... Waiting for solution anxiously.....
  • Now again.... i bought Internet Security 2013 for my PC in April 2013. I install it at my PC ...i got new pc now & i am trying to install & its not validating .... whats wrong. >????

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