Can I please get put on the list for the ISTP beta program for Macs?


Dear F-Secure Beta Team,



I would really like to be aprt of the  Mac Antivirus preview because I just purchasd a brand bew Mac Mini  and I would lvoe to participate in the program to make the F-secure  Mac Anti Virus as best as it can be for mytself and  future custustomers. Which will keep F-secure ahead of the game. I used to be part of the Windows ISTP but I keep trying to reinstall it and it kept telling  me that my serial was invalid  and Ifought this battle over a very long time and I honetly think it was malware  on the windews machine. On this ISTP forurms forums they told me to filee s bug report but those attampts ailed as well.. 


I just gave up and after usung multiple free online  free cleaning utilites and disks  which ironically were all featured in a thread that I started  for free anti virus tools from other comapnies  all of them failed. Oh Brother. Well anyway can someone please purt me on the Mac Anti  Virus Wait list so I can file Beta reports  to  my hearts conctents :).


Thanks so much,



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