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I am new to F Secure and have just installed IS 2014. While it appears to be working ok,  when I click onto Common Settings/Connection, I see that it says Real Time - Not Connected.  Internet has dot in Detect and HTTP is indicating Use my Computer HTTP Proxy.


I am not sure what this means but can I assume that as everything appears to be working ok then it does not matter about the above settings.


Thank you.


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    It's not really nice, but in most situations not a critical.


    "Real Time - Not Connected" - that situation can be and you not need to worry about that a lot, because it's maybe not certainly related with any "protection"-risks (but that not for all situations);


    But you can to try check.... if it's "changes" in some moments (most likely.. I mean probably that current status here "not always" - but can be a lot of time);


    And for checking.. that all nice and work - you can to try check situation about "Online Safety features" for blocking content or web-protection.

    Also can be trouble during "fast" start browsing after launch system.


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    Thanks for the reply but I am sorry I just do not understand anything of what you say, I am totally confused and not at all re-assured.

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    OK :) not a trouble - it's my mistake with hard-explanation.


    I will try to do that more "nice";


    You have experience about  your system and F-Secure IS ; Here you have situation about  ".... Common Settings/Connection, I see that it says Real Time - Not Connected.";


    If you ask was about "are that normally" or "which I need to do" - so, I tried to answered about it.

    Now I will try to explain in another-view:


    - Current situation not related with any settings (on Global Settings UI) - if you did not feel "something wrong" (if something looks - "that not working");


    - Current situation can be with F-Secure IS. But probably "Not connected"-status must be time-to-time changed to "Connected";  And in that means - current situation not a trouble for your protection or something like that;

    And probably if it's possible to fix - it will be fixed by F-Secure;


    - If it's something another and not related with "not critical"-version of that "trouble";

    I can to recomend re-check any features about protection-status;

    http://community.f-secure.com/t5/Security/How-to-test-Anti-Virus-and/m-p/47395 - here you can found some of "tests";


    You can try to check situation about "Browsing protection"; If it's blocking... so - F-Secure IS work good (Online Safety-part and any connection with F-Secure clouds/servers - which in somewhat places.. related with Real-time Protection Network);


    But maybe from F-Secure team... will be more helpful answer about "current" option/part.

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