International Penpal Video/Photo Exchange Thread :) Thanks Guys.

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Hi Guys,


Does anyone want to show me what Finland or where ever you may live is like locally on the F-Secure Community Board? It does not have to be anything fancy and only if you are interested. Just maybe post a pic of your street,your dog or just you maybe where you live and a small caption to let me know what's happening in your part of the world. I always wanted to travel the world but right not unfortunately that is not happenign for me and I know the internet is absolutely no replacement for the real thing but it still cool to do a pen pal sort of thing.


I am sharing a video of a flight I made with a quadcopter that I did to try and train to fly it . I am trying to use ti to take overhead shots for this movie to raise awareness for Childhood Cancer for the St. Baldrick's foundation. This was just a test and this is actually five miles from where I live but it was the only park I am allowed to fly in. I have footage of the area a bit and I only added the overwhelming music because the only other noise would have been the little quadcopter's engines going whining away. I guess please turn down the volume then but PLEASE post in reply with your photos or videos with links that you want to share so that I can see how your lives are in Finland. Maybe if we contact the admins we could make like a Selfie montage or something. :).


My Video URL


Thanks so much Giuys,



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