Cloud Computing will be Disaster one day.

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Dear Community Members,



I have been thinking and thinking and after all the malware threats I have faced and experienced. I then experieced problems with reliability so I am just going to put this out there and say Cloud Computing to me is like using Voice over Internet Protocol in case of Emergencoes. I am going to use that as the metaphor. When I got my first Voice over IP telephone no one in my family had any medical issues so we were like oh big deal that this comes with this message that it states this is not for emergencies and can go out at anytime. I just completely took off this little sticker on the handset and said screw this I want me a lower phone bill then I have ever had and I got it. The cheapest phone bill I ever got was in my mailbox that week.


Then all of sudden I worked in the medical field and I inquired with my partnet what exactly is the extent of failure? Well Folks you already know a lot more than I do at this point of foreshadowing in my post. That the ISP could fail at any of it's fail points power,servers,virus,malware,phsyical damage from acts of god to go on and on. Then unlike the telephone company there would be no huge backup or switch over.  What are saying Rich those Copper wires were invinicible not absolutely not in no way but ye olde copper wires if not severed on every house had a 10 hour or more battery backup for Telephone service where I live.


The Scenario is though God forbid you needed help that you could as long as you had a corded phone NOT wireless still call 911 but they pulled alll this stuff  and went to the much better supposedly wave of the future VOIP even provided by the Telephone Company now and they no longer offer that old fashioned copper wire to my knowledge maybe they do but since my family developed medical problems I can not get it even after asking.


This communication switch form landline to VOIP is the similiar change from phsyical hardware,servers,computers and all that good stuff  now all in this buzz word the Cloud. Here is the kicker that happened to me with the VOIP lines I have disclosed many times now that I am an Epileptic and used to be a Paramedic on Twitter and my mom is a Cancer Survivor so i am thinking ahead and saying if the companies handle the backend then let me handle my own business with the consumer APC batttery backup deal. I then even got an emergency generator too! Then we get hit by a noreaster  on the Long Island where I live and it all goes down the Communication lines for the VOIP,Cell Phones and TVs all we had were radio news broadcasts. That was the only way to know about flooding etc. It all was lost with warning for a storm and this is why I totally respect weather men now within maybe 15-30 minutes and the flooding had not even hit yet.


I should have just finished this by saying redundancy is key because I bet had we still had the old wired phone system in place  that one or two blocks may have been cut off where we live but not all communications would have been cut off! This is why I think that no one should take up the entire physiclal server and computer infrastructure because if something happens terrorist wise or hacker/malware attacks on a Global scale and it is not a question of if BUT WHEN it will  happen. They are all out there that ahem  Eastern Government that starts with C and the US will not confirm nor deny oh wait the United States is hacking me rigtht NOW!  i


just think that cloud computing is too much hype and that to not retain a robust hardware infrastructure that could sustain them well without the Cloud persay and have a great cloud anyway because what if that Data center and all there Data goes KAPOOF one day in an Earhtquake or Flood? I mention this is Thank God I did not lose anything valuable because in my example the stakes were our lives. The horror is not being able to call for help Smiley Sad.


I hope I made some sense and made you think that the cloud is just one redundancy that I need to have besides a few backups with servers around :).




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