Use Freedome without virtual location

Is it possible to use Freedome without the virtual location? So I can use watch content from Danish sites, and still block tracking and harmful sites? Or is all or nothing?

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  • iDoeliDoel Posts: 10
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    At the moment is mandatory to select one of those countries, either automatically or manual. However, we are studying to include additional countries in future releases, so the users can select the country where they reside.


  • csjDKcsjDK Posts: 50
    Thanks Ivan,
    Yeah I know. And it's great! I think a lot of people are looking forward to this. But I also at the same time know, that a Danish server location is more than months away. So I was just curious, if I somehow to "tweak" a little. But I understand that it can't work without being routed through a server… and those have a psychical location.

    Wishful thinking on my part :)
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