F-Secure and and File Detection Test at AV-comparatives, March 2014.








Usual great result from F-Secure.


F-Secure IS 2014 (v 14.99.103) tested on Windows 7 SP1 64-bit.



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    For some reason, I'm not seeing images on either my Windows 8.1 laptop, or on Safari with my iPhone.  This is what I see.  Any ideas?  dunno.gif



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    it's a link to dl a pdf document to be read locally with adobe reader (windows 8.1 + firefox)

    hope this helps

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    I noticed Vipre is catching up but has been penalized due to a few false alarms

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    Apart from Baidu and Avast who were both penalised for a very high number of false positives, most of the scanners scored pretty well in this test.


    But the file detection rate of a product is only one aspect of its protection abilities and from the above results any scanner would give good protection (apart from AhnLab!). However,  real-world tests more closely represent the threat environment and utilize all of the proactive technologies provided with a product and therefore a vendor's results in these tests would give a better idea of its capabilities; http://chart.av-comparatives.org/chart2.php



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    bitdefender rules, it's evident imo. In the case of F-secureI don't understand the drop over timeI found here http://chart.av-comparatives.org/chart2.php ...I think we should not consider those charts as the absolute truth, I use to compare the charts, then test before buying.

    On another hand the interface between the chair and the keyboard is often the culprit, some are even able to compromise their AV !

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    Bitdefender has historically scored highest in these comparative tests. When I tried it a while back, I found that it didn't allow the user enough control, so I would only recommend it to users who didn't want to interact with the product.
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    Oh, and PDF links are fine, it's images in posts I'm having trouble with. These are displayed as a triangle, and even the image I posted myself to demonstrate this, which did appear at first, is now showing as a big triangle.
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